Claire & Garry’s Real Wedding

Claire and Garry spent two years planning their perfect wedding and found that this length of time was less stressful and far better for saving money. They booked Ardencote Manor and celebrated their ceremony with 70 guests before being joined by a further 50 friends.  The couple danced their first dance to a romantic tune by Leona Lewis, spent their honeymoon in Santorini and were under budget at the end of their planning.


Phil Collins Bridal Gown

Claire found her dream wedding dress by pure chance!  She had gone with her mother to see how much she may have to spend on the perfect gown, and ended up describing a dress that she’d found online and really liked to the shop assistant at Eternal Bride in Warwick.  By chance they happened to have the exact dress that Claire had seen on the internet – and best of all, it was in the sale!


The Phil Collins gown had a beautiful quilted effect and featured lace detail underneath.  A seamstress was also able to modify it slightly so that it was different than the original.

Both of Claire’s nan’s left money to their granddaughter when they passed away, and Claire had kept this money in a safe place since she was 16.  In order to have both of her grandmothers with her in spirit on her wedding day, she spent the money she’d received from them on her wedding dress and shoes.  Such a lovely touch and what a lovely way to feel as if your grandparents played a part in the day.


Garry & Claire’s supplier list
Wedding Dresses by: Phil Collins
Photography by: Peter Blanchflower Photography
Bridalwear Shop by: Eternal Bride