Claire & Adam's Real Wedding

Claire and Adam Driver met 18 years ago after a night out at their local nightclub. They got married at midday on the 17th September 2011 at St Mary’s Church in the village of Worsbrough, in front of 65 guests. Their evening reception took place at the Holiday Inn Barnsley, South Yorkshire, with 200 guests.

Adam & Claire-The Newlyweds

Although Claire made sure she told Adam upon meeting him that she ‘didn’t want a boyfriend’, within six months the couple were engaged. Adam had big plans for the proposal, booking a hotel room in London and arranging dinner and tickets to a show. However, he was unable to wait until after the show and ended up getting down on one knee as soon as the couple checked into their hotel room.

Despite getting engaged in a relatively short space of time, it took Adam and Claire a rather long 17 years to actually tie the knot! After allowing normal life to get in the way of their plans for so long, the couple sat down in May 2011 and decided to plan. They allowed themselves four months to create the wedding that had been 17 years in the making. Considering Claire told Adam she only wanted to be friends with him, it’s proved to be a fruitful and long-lasting ‘friendship’, and Claire affectionately jokes Adam is her ‘only friend...but the best friend I’ve ever had!’

Adam & Claire's Wedding on 17 Sep 2011

Photography by: Niel Stewart Photography

Wedding venue: Holiday Inn Barnsley

Adam & Claire's supplier list

Photography by:  Niel Stewart Photography

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