Charlotte & Matthew's Real Wedding

Charlotte and Matthew described their spring wedding as joyful, elegant and fun.  They had a civil ceremony at the Macdonald Berystede Hotel & Spa in Berkshire with 100 of their closest friends and family and then partied the night away with a further 40 wedding guests.  

They headed off to the romantic city of Rome two days after their wedding for a lovely city break and to spend some quality time as a newlywed couple.

Matthew & Charlotte-The Couple

Charlotte and Matthew met through their mutual friend Katy at a bar in Windsor and had been together for a little over 6 years before they got engaged.  Matthew proposed on Charlotte’s birthday.  He gave her some birthday cards and presents, including a card from him, which was very unusual, as Matthew has never been very good at remembering to buy cards! 

The card said Happy Birthday and at the bottom it said…I have a question….!  Charlotte looked up to see Matthew on one knee and then he proposed!  Charlotte and Matthew spent 10 months planning their special day.

Matthew & Charlotte's Wedding on 06 Mar 2010

Photography by: Artis Studios

Matthew & Charlotte's supplier list

Photography by:  Artis Studios

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