Charlotte & Luke's Real Wedding

School sweethearts Charlotte and Luke married on the 4th April, as this is an important date to them. Their wedding had a unique, DIY feel with lots of homemade touches. They followed their wedding with a honeymoon in Cumbria and Scotland, taking in an Eddie Stobart depot along the way. 

Luke & Charlotte-The Bride and Groom

Luke and Charlotte were at school together, although Charlotte only really became aware of Luke when they found themselves on holiday at the same place.

When they returned to school, Charlotte sent Luke an ‘anonymous’ Valentine’s Day card and followed it up by asking him out via text. He replied saying he didn’t know, and asked her to text again at 9pm on the 4th April. She did, and he agreed to go out with her.

That was in 2003, and five years later on the 4th April, Luke proposed to Charlotte on the beach. He got the ring exactly right – Charlotte had pointed out a design she loved in the Argos catalogue and he remembered.

They were engaged for six years, to allow their wedding day to fall on the 4th April 2014!

Luke & Charlotte's Wedding on 04 Apr 2014

Photography by: KSPhotography

Wedding venue: Village Hall

Luke & Charlotte's supplier list

Photography by:  KSPhotography

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