Carolyn & Stephen's Real Wedding

Carolyn & Stephen's Real Wedding - Vintage Wedding Car

Vintage Wedding Car

Stephen owns a classic 1955 Vauxhall Velox, so it was the obvious choice when it came to picking a wedding car.

The couple lovingly polished the car until it gleamed before the wedding, and decorated it with ribbons and bows. Carolyn bought a silk flower display to place on the parcel shelf too. Stephen drove to the wedding with Carolyn in the back and their witness Anna in the front to help her in and out of the car in her wedding dress.

On the morning of the wedding the couple had some time alone together, so they decided to exchange wedding gifts. Carolyn gave Stephen a miniature replica of his beloved car, which she’d ordered from Australia. She decorated it with tiny ribbons so it would look just like their wedding car! In turn, Stephen gave his bride some crystal ornaments in the form of a dog and a teddy bear bride and groom.

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Carolyn & Stephen-Vintage Wedding Car
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Carolyn & Stephen's Real Wedding on 14 Jun 2014

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Photography by:  Friends and Family

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