Carolyn & Stephen's Real Wedding

Carolyn & Stephen's Real Wedding - The Bride and Groom

The Bride and Groom

Both Stephen and Carolyn decided to sign up to online dating site Match around the same time. Neither of them expected to meet anyone special, but they soon discovered each other. They started messaging, and progressed to phone conversations before meeting face to face.

As soon as they met, they felt like they already knew each other and that it was fate. After 14 months together, Stephen got down on one knee during a romantic dinner, and both of them cried tears of joy. They went to see Carolyn’s parents afterwards to get their permission and after receiving their blessing the couple set a date for just under 18 months away.

After their wedding, Carolyn and Stephen had a short break in Cornwall and Devon, before heading to the Algarve a few weeks later. 

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Carolyn & Stephen-The Bride and Groom
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Carolyn & Stephen's Real Wedding on 14 Jun 2014

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Photography by:  Friends and Family

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