Anna & Jon's Real Wedding

Anna and Jon met through work and got engaged whilst holidaying in St. Vincent & The Grenadines. They spent 10 months planning their dream day which was based around a beach theme, and spent their honeymoon relaxing and soaking up the sunshine in Bali.  95 guests joined Anna and Jon on their special day and every moment of their wedding was just perfect.

Jon & Anna-The Bride and Groom

Anna and Jon met whilst both working in the sales department at British Airways.  Anna wasn’t sure if Jon liked her or not, but he did peer up from his computer from time to time when she walked past in the office. After a few drinks at a work function both Anna and Jon hit it off and couldn’t wait to see each other again.

2 years and 4 months later the couple decided to holiday in St. Vincent & The Grenadines. On the 9th night of their 10 night vacation, on a evening when the sunset was just perfect, Jon proposed to Anna with a beautiful engagement ring that he’d chosen by himself. The resort had decorated their room beautifully and Jon had even arranged a champagne dinner.  The proposal was perfect and the couple spent the next 10 months planning their magical day.

Jon & Anna's Wedding on 14 Sep 2012

Photography by: Anthony Gould Davies - Fabulous Wedding Photography

Wedding venue: De Vere Horsley Estate

Jon & Anna's supplier list

Photography by:  Anthony Gould Davies - Fabulous Wedding Photography

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