Angie & Philip's Real Wedding

Angie & Philip's Real Wedding - Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony

After the wedding breakfast Angie and Philip celebrated a traditional Chinese marriage ceremony.  The newlywed couple knelt in front of their parents and elder family members, serving them tea by way of expressing gratitude and saying “Thank you for bringing us up”.  Red envelopes were also handed out to Angie and Philip, symbolising good luck. Angie also served tea to Philip’s parents to symbolise her becoming part of their family.

Angie wore a family heirloom during the tea ceremony; a garment that had been in the family for 20+ years and had been worn by 4 of her aunties previously.  It was a traditional Chinese “Kwa” - a 2 piece outfit consisting of a red satin jacket and skirt, with elaborate dragon designs and embellishment.

Instead of wearing the traditional Chinese dress, Philip decided to wear his Army mess dress to co-ordinate colour wise.  He wore a short red jacket, black waist coat, white shirt, bow tie and black trousers.

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Angie & Philip-The Newlywed Couple
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Angie & Philip-Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony
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Angie & Philip's Real Wedding on 25 Sep 2011

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Photography by:  Patrick Stockley Weddings

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