Akanksha & Anant's Real Wedding

Akanksha & Anant's Real Wedding - The Venue

The Venue

With a guest list of 1500 people, Anant and Akanksha needed a venue that could host, and cater for everyone.  The night before the wedding the couple’s engagement party was held at The Chelmsford Club in New Delhi, but the following evening, the wedding ceremony and reception was booked at the Red Carpet Party Lawns.  The reception was combined wtih a dance party in a conventional style at Anant's home town, Moradabad.

Prior to their engagement, the couple had viewed a number of 5 star hotels in India, but Akanksha’s father chose the Red Carpet Party Lawn as it was the best in terms of space and accommodation.  They also sorted out all of the catering and wedding décor which was a huge bonus for Akanksha’s family.

The wedding started at 7pm, with celebrations going through all the way until 5am the next morning.

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Akanksha & Anant-The Bride and Groom
Akanksha & Anant-The Engagement
Akanksha & Anant-Bridal Beauty
Akanksha & Anant-The Groom
Akanksha & Anant-The Venue
Akanksha & Anant-The Traditional Indian Ceremony
Akanksha & Anant-Indian Wedding Tradition
Akanksha & Anant-An Indian Wedding Feast
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Akanksha & Anant's Real Wedding on 28 Jun 2010

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Photography by:  Friends and Family

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