Akanksha & Anant's Real Wedding

Akanksha & Anant's Real Wedding - The Engagement

The Engagement

Akanksha and Anant were officially engaged just one day before they were married.  They celebrated with a Tilak Ceremony where the bride and grooms family both pray for a happy and auspicious future for the couple.  Akanksha’s father offered Anant a fruit date and applied Tilak on his forehead, in honour of the engagement. After the Tilak Ceremony, Akanksha’s father offered gifts to the groom and his family members and the couple exchanged rings; both rings were presented on heart shaped trays.

The couple then danced the night away, looking forward to their big marriage the following day.

Just before going to bed, another ritual called the Mehandi Ceremony took place; the most important of all pre-wedding rituals in the Indian culture.  This ceremony was arranged by the bride’s family and is a private affair which took place amongst close friends and relatives. Akanksha received a henna style make-over, done by a professional, on both her hands and her feet.  Within the henna were the letters of her husband-to-be’s name, which he then needed to find the following day so as to impress his bride.

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Akanksha & Anant-The Bride and Groom
Akanksha & Anant-The Engagement
Akanksha & Anant-Bridal Beauty
Akanksha & Anant-The Groom
Akanksha & Anant-The Venue
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Akanksha & Anant's Real Wedding on 28 Jun 2010

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