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Bridal Beauty

As per Indian culture, Akanksha’s Indian bridal attire was chosen for her in no time.  The dresses have to be chosen by the parents-in-law, so although the bride had to consider their choice and budget, at the same time she had to be clear in her taste and style.  Akanksha tried on 4 different dresses in a famous Indian showroom called Chhabra 555 based in Delhi.

The bride’s red and green coloured outfit was complimented by traditional bridal jewellery and accessories.  Akanksha wore a beautiful big nose ring and kaleeras, which are a traditional bangle worn by the bride which also have symbolic meanings.  The top kaleera worn by the bride was shaped like a coconut to symbolise that the bride will always have food in her new home.  The metal pieces that hung from the Kaleera show that the bride will always have wealth.

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Akanksha & Anant-The Bride and Groom
Akanksha & Anant-The Engagement
Akanksha & Anant-Bridal Beauty
Akanksha & Anant-The Groom
Akanksha & Anant-The Venue
Akanksha & Anant-The Traditional Indian Ceremony
Akanksha & Anant-Indian Wedding Tradition
Akanksha & Anant-An Indian Wedding Feast
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Akanksha & Anant's Real Wedding on 28 Jun 2010

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