Akanksha & Anant’s Real Wedding

Akanksha and Anant celebrated their engagement and wedding ceremony within a day of each other.  The wedding festivities took place at a huge venue and included 1500 guests from both families.  The couple, who reside here in the UK, enjoyed every moment of their traditional Indian wedding ceremony and spent their honeymoon in Goa shortly after their colourful celebrations. 


An Indian Wedding Feast

Anant and Akanksha shared a wedding buffet with their guests featuring over 150 different varieties of food on the menu.  The bride chose the dishes with her father before the wedding and food was enjoyed throughout the evening, and into the early hours of the morning.


The newlywed couple gave their guests boxes of almonds, sweets and gifts which had all been ordered from a famous sweet shop in India called Haldirams.

Anant and Akanksha spent their honeymoon in Goa enjoying a relaxed beach holiday. The newlyweds then returned back to the UK where they got to share their wedding story with friends who were unable to make the trip out to India for the big day.


Anant & Akanksha’s supplier list
Photography by: Friends and Family