Akanksha & Anant's Real Wedding

Akanksha and Anant celebrated their engagement and wedding ceremony within a day of each other.  The wedding festivities took place at a huge venue and included 1500 guests from both families.  The couple, who reside here in the UK, enjoyed every moment of their traditional Indian wedding ceremony and spent their honeymoon in Goa shortly after their colourful celebrations. 

Anant & Akanksha-The Bride and Groom

Akanksha and Anant met at University but were then separated for 4 out of their 7 year relationship.  Upon meeting again they knew that their feelings were as strong as they had been before, and therefore marriage was on the cards.

Once the decision to marry had been arranged the wedding came together very quickly.  With help from friends and family in New Delhi, India, the official engagement ceremony and wedding dates were fixed and the excitement and planning could begin.   With Anant living in the UK and Akanksha in India, the couple had to communicate via phone and email with their family members to make sure that coordination of their big day ran smoothly.

Anant & Akanksha's Wedding on 28 Jun 2010

Photography by: Friends and Family

Anant & Akanksha's supplier list

Photography by:  Friends and Family

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