Abbie & Mitchel's Real Wedding

College sweethearts Abbie and Mitchel married in front of six people in Zanzibar, Tanzania. After their intimate wedding abroad, the couple celebrated their marriage with a party back home at the Vaulty Manor with 150 of their friends and family. 

Mitchel & Abbie-The Newlyweds

Mitchel and Abbie first met in their first year of sixth form. Originally they both had crushes on each other’s best friends, but the feelings weren’t reciprocated. The pair went from comforting each other to dating!

After eight years together, Mitchel planned the perfect proposal for Abbie on their anniversary. He knew she didn’t like a lot of fuss, so arranged for it all to take place at their home. She was expecting to just head out to work, but he directed her to the living room, which was covered in rose petals.

A slide show of the two of them was playing, to the song ‘Hungry Eyes’ from Dirty Dancing. Abbie was told her present was on the table, but when she looked in the box it was empty. She turned around and saw Mitchel on one knee!

He presented her with the perfect ring, after researching with her friends to find out what she wanted.

Mitchel & Abbie's Wedding on 04 Jun 2014

Photography by: Genesis Photo

Wedding venue: Vaulty Manor

Mitchel & Abbie's supplier list

Photography by:  Genesis Photo

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