Hitched Roles

Welcome to Hitched roles. A successful wedding can only be achieved if everyone involved delivers their part in the big day. The key part in ensuring this happens is to make sure everyone knows what part they are expected to play. To help get you started with this we have put together a summary of the key activities each role would responsible for in a traditional wedding. You may wish to change some of these responsibilities based on your own preferences and circumstances, which is fine.

The Best Man

Traditionally the best man would liaise closely with the chief Bridesmaid to ensure that the wedding runs smoothly. Whilst the best man has no specific status in the arrangements for the engagement party, the stag night , the actual wedding day itself or the reception, he may be called upon to help with deliveries/pickups and other general organisation matters.

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The Ushers

The ushers are chosen by the groom and his best man and are usually brothers, close relatives or friends (which covers just about anyone!) of the bride and groom.  As a general guide you will need an usher for each 50 guests. Traditionally the ushers are the responsibility of the best man, who ensures they know their duties.

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Chief Bridesmaid

The chief bridesmaid is usually a sister or close friend of the bride. However, if she is already married herself or if the bride is a widow and is re-marrying, her title becomes Matron of Honour. She will liaise closely with the bride during all the wedding preparations and help look after the other bridesmaids, flower girl and page boys.

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A bridesmaid is usually a sister of the bride or groom or a close friend of the bride. Older bridesmaids will liaise with the bride and chief bridesmaid during the wedding preparations and help with the choice of dresses. Younger ones will not be expect to take an active part in the planning stage but their mothers may get involved instead.

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