Designer Masterhand

Inspired by ‘The Great Gatsby’ the MASTERHAND collection of wedding suits has been dreamt up from the glamorous, decadent era of the 1920s. A time where swing and jazz provided the backing track to exciting lifestyles in Paris and New York, it was a time for decadent living, raucous parties and luxurious get togethers with serious dress codes demanding absolute elegance.

The MASTERHAND brand is synonymous with specific dress codes, creating sophisticated evening wear for all occasions. Using only the finest quality materials, superior craftsmanship and a carefully combined mix of traditional detail and contemporary elements, you can find your perfect wedding suit with MASTERHAND.

The refined cuts are as innovative as they are luxurious, and use wool/mohair and wool/silk blends to give the suits a fine natural lustre.  The supreme sartorial touches are evident throughout the whole collection, making MASTERHAND the perfect choice for the fashion conscious groom who wants a stylish suit that will remain timeless for years to come.


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