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Our insider destination guides are the secret weapon for planning your dream honeymoon. Want to know the best beach in Bali or ultimate snorkelling spot in the Seychelles? Click on the destination below to discover everything you need to know, from the most romantic hotels to the unmissable activities and even the best time of year to travel. Get inspired now!

The dream honeymoon is unique to each couple. Are you the kind who love nothing more than waking early to explore a city before the crowds? Perhaps your only plan is to laze on a tropical beach, book in hand, while the waiter brings you a refill? A sweaty climb to the top of a mountain could be a bucket list adventure or your idea of a living nightmare.

That’s why it’s so important to pick the honeymoon destination which suits your personality and is tailor-made to what you want. Where do you start with that mammoth-sounding task? We’re here to help.

You’ll both need to decide what kind of holiday you want: sun, snow, adventure, relaxation, city break, coast or countryside, shopping, culture or food? Try and find a country (or several, if you have the time off) that delivers on the most important of these. If what you want differs (and you might have very different views of what constitutes a good holiday), a twin-centre honeymoon or even going to a few different countries on a train journey or cruise might be a great idea.

A popular trend in honeymoons is to ‘earn your break’ i.e. spend half your honeymoon fitting in all the activities, sightseeing and city exploring so you’ve ‘earned’ your week on the beach relaxing at the end.

It’s why it’s becoming increasingly popular to combine a Maldives honeymoon with an adventurous week in Sri Lanka first; or stopping off in a bustling US city like New York or San Francisco for a few days before continuing to Hawaii. You can fly to Bali via Bangkok and have a mini Thailand honeymoon too.

Take a look at our honeymoon destination guides to learn everything you need to know about what to see and do, when to go and where to stay in the most popular honeymoon destinations. They’ll give you a great idea if a country sounds like the right fit for you.

If you already know you want a Maldives honeymoon, a beach break in Bali or the ultimate gastronomic honeymoon in Italy, our destination guides will help you plan the perfect itinerary.