Honeymoons in Vancouver

Get ready to fall in love all over again when you book your honeymoon in Vancouver. Located within Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia, Vancouver is a progressive, modern city bordered by pristine ocean and lush scenery. A city with a large population of young people and outdoor enthusiasts, inline skating, jogging and cycling are common activities which are undertaken by many residents all year long. With infinite opportunities for participating in outdoor activities, a honeymoon in Vancouver could be just what sporty couples need. In addition, Vancouver has no shortage of cultural events available to the public.

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Vancouver Overview

Unrivalled natural beauty and a plethora of cultural activities make Vancouver one of the most liveable places in the world. Coming across a celebrity while on honeymoon in Vancouver isn’t out of the question, as there are many movies produced here. The city has even been given the nickname ‘Hollywood North’.
A model international city, English is the native language for only 48% of the population in Vancouver due to a large immigrant population. Get to know the city during your honeymoon in Vancouver and explore some of the famous neighbourhoods, each known for having a specific ethnic and cultural flavour.

Whether you love nature, or the draw of city life, or both, these attractions are a must-see while on honeymoon in Vancouver:
- Suspended 70 meters above ground, the Capilano suspension bridge is one of the highest and longest in the world. After getting your pulse racing, you can participate in an equally exciting rainforest suspension bridge tour of the surrounding area.
- Science World has something to offer both children and adults. It’s the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon, too!
- 1000 acres of green natural setting make up the word famous Stanley Park. Pack a picnic lunch and wander through the trees and gardens, or take in the shows at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Key Facts for Vancouver

Currency: Canadian Dollar

Language: English

Flight time: 9 hours from London

When to Honeymoon in Vancouver

With a moderate climate, Vancouver enjoys warm summers and cool winters. From October through March you can expect frequent rain showers, characteristic of Vancouver’s weather, with temperatures rarely falling below zero. If you love the idea of being outdoors and basking in the sunshine of a Canadian summer, July to September is the best time to book a honeymoon in Vancouver. Summer temperatures remain at an average of 22 degrees Celsius, with slightly cooler evenings. For a honeymoon in Vancouver it’s always a good idea to layer your clothing and carry an umbrella, particularly if you plan to spend time enjoying the outdoors.

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is located in British Columbia, being a coastal city means it has stunning waterside views that contrast beautifully with the city landscape. There are so many options available to you if as a couple you decide to get married in Vancouver.  There are plenty of stunning hotels with gorgeous grounds around the city of Vancouver where you can hold your wedding ceremony. You can also apply for licences to get married in one of the beautiful picturesque parks in Vancouver. A wedding in Vancouver will not feel like your typical wedding abroad, with a busy city life combined with tranquil landscapes, you will be spoiled for choice when choosing a location for your wedding abroad.

Marriage Requirements


You do not have to be a British Columbia resident to be married in the province. However, you are required to get a Marriage Licence which is valid for a term of three months and only valid in British Columbia.

Anyone over 19 years of age is eligible to apply for a marriage licence in BC. If one or both individuals were recently divorced within the last 31 days, proof of divorce must be provided. No licence is issued until the courts finalize a divorce, normally 31 days after the divorce decree is issued by the Courts.

For further information visit: http://www.vs.gov.bc.ca/marriage/howto.html

Vancouver honeymoon advice

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