Best New Wedding Hair Stylist 2012

camilla collins camilla collins camilla collins
The Breathrough Awards 2012

Camilla J. Collins

About Camilla J. Collins:

“I am a hair and make up artist initially trained in TV, Film and Theatre. I started working out with filming projects and utilising my SFX skills, but after assisting on my first wedding I knew immediately that bridal styling was my calling! There is nothing more rewarding than making people look and feel fabulous! The excitement and sense of achievement working with your client combining their ideas and yours, finding them the perfect style and amazing them that their hair CAN actually do THAT is actually one of the most satisfying feelings I have ever experienced. The fact that I get to do this as a career and on a daily basis is just fantastic. I didn’t actually get off to the greatest start with hair, as I was not used to dealing with it so I always preferred make up, but one day at a bridal trial it just clicked and my creativity was in full swing... it was as if the hair was talking to me and when I finally learnt that you can’t really make hair do something it doesn’t want to do and learnt to work WITH the hair, I was creating beautifully finished styles and bringing lots of smiles to peoples faces!”

More about Camilla’s work:

“This is one of my favourite styles that I have ever done. It was one of my earliest and every time I look at it I smile :) The lovely bride allowed me full reign of hair and left me to my own devices, which is always fab to be allowed to do! I had no idea what I was going to do when I started apart from that it needed to be up and this is what I felt to create... my signature swirls (which I tend to include in most styles now if the client allows) were born...”

camilla collins

Based in London.

Phone: 07807 077982