Best New Wedding Stationery Designer 2013

Bridget Marsh
The Breathrough Awards 2013

Bridget Marsh, Soaring Bird

About Bridget Marsh's Work:

This one is from of a collection of Victorian Wedding Invitations I designed for my final major project at university.

About Bridget Marsh:

My name is Bridget Marsh. I have completed a degree in Graphic Design(BA Hons) at Anglia Ruskin University. For my final major project I chose Victorian Wedding Invitations as my theme. I started off by doing a lot of research into typographic design and layouts used during the 1800s. I really fell in love with the design and was inspired to create my own style of wedding invitations. Contrary to current graphic design layout/design methods, where we are encouraged to limit the number of fonts we use and be aware of white space, the Victorian design route really freed me from these constraints. Image no.3 is another design from my collection where I used rare and old words no longer used today.

Bridget Marsh Bridget Marsh

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Bridget Marsh