Best New Wedding Photographer 2013

Jacqui Paterson Jacqui Paterson Jacqui Paterson
The Breathrough Awards 2013

Jacqui Paterson, Chic Photo

About Jacqui Paterson's Work:

This fantastic photo was taken late in the evening using sparklers. It can be quite tricky to do but on this occasion I managed it first time! The Bride and Groom were thrilled.

About Jacqui Paterson:

I started my own business, Chic Photo, in early 2011 and it seems to have grown from strength to strength. I work all over Scotland but I have had a lot of local support from the island I grew up on, Rothesay, Bute. I have always had a keen interest in photography and studied at Stevenson College Edinburgh before embarking to work on Cruise Ships and travel around the world. It was then that I fell into wedding photography, taking photos of people getting married onboard. I continued doing weddings after I left, eventually setting up my own business. I think the thing that differs me from others is that I am always trying to think of new ways to make my customers photos unique, I like to stay late — put that extra bit of effort in to get some fantastic photos.

Phone: 07793 953 610