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Wedding dress help!
Catherine, Yesterday at 10:30

Hi ladies, My partner and I are getting married in September and I hadn’t yet picked a dress owing to lockdown, tiers, etc. I was getting stressed about it so have looked online extensively and found...

Shenel, yesterday at 18:52 9 147
Can you bring in your own caterers to Friern manor
Ashleigh, Yesterday at 23:22

Hi, I’ve recently got engaged and started looking at venues. I love the look of Friern manor and that they offer twilight weddings. I’m just wondering if anyone has had a wedding here and knows if you...

Ashleigh, yesterday at 23:22 3
How to buy a wedding dress in plenty of time when everything's shut?!
Naomi, 15 January 2021 at 18:27

Hi everyone, I am sure lots of people must be in a similar boat and so I would be interested to hear thoughts. We are due to get married at the end of November 2021 - when we booked last summer with...

TheOrganisedBride, yesterday at 14:15 7 229
“What About Weddings” campaign
TheOrganisedBride, 16 January 2021 at 12:50

Hi all, I’m sure most of you know, but I thought it would be useful to share that there is a campaign organisation called What About Weddings who are lobbying the government, for support and a roadmap...

TheOrganisedBride, yesterday at 14:12 3 71
Wedding Cakes
Denzel, Yesterday at 16:54

Hey guys I know a lot of you might already have cakes sorted, however for those that don't yet. My girlfriend runs a baking business and makes these beautiful cakes for weddings and other occasions....

Denzel, yesterday at 16:54 10
Help haha
Heather, Yesterday at 16:12

My partner and i have finally set a date and i have no idea what to do. If im honest all i want to do is get married at a registry office with our 2 children and 2 friends and then have a blessing and...

Heather, yesterday at 16:12 34