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If you're a journalist writing a story or looking for couples to take part in a new TV series, you can pop your requests here for couples to find

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Wedding entertainment research
RomanticIvoryCars35420, 14 May 2020 at 19:20

Hello everyone, Could you please help me by completing this short survey on wedding entertainment! I’m currently working on a new project during lockdown, and I need some market research! Thank you in...

fireandice, wednesday 27-May-20 867
Sky News - Weddings in Italy
NewsEdWhiteDress, 9 March 2020 at 12:12

Sky News are hoping to speak to UK based couples who were planning to wed in Northern Italy in the upcoming months. How will the Coronavirus lockdown in the Lombary region impact your day? Have you...

Sanjeev-Nanda-offici, monday 30-Mar-20 1,862
16-20 years old and getting married? New TV show wants to hear about your plans...
RomanticBrownBridesmaid24741, 21 August 2019 at 10:06

We're looking to make a brand new DOCUMENTARY TV SERIES for a major youth broadcaster and are looking for UK based 16-20 year olds, who are getting married between now and the end of the year, to chat...

RomanticBrownBridesm, wednesday 21-Aug-19 613
Dissertation on weddings! Need your help!
ExpensiveYellowDecor56724, 30 June 2020 at 15:39

Hi, I'm currently doing my dissertation on wedding planning and I'm need people to participant in my questionnaire. The purpose of this study is, to explore whether couples are continuing to follow...

ExpensiveYellowDecor, tuesday 30-Jun-20 583
Getting married abroad research
SunnyGoldCars26591, 23 October 2019 at 15:22

Hi, I'm a researcher working for Caution Your Blast on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We're changing the way people can get what they need to get married abroad. Our focus is on the...

SunnyGoldCars26591, wednesday 23-Oct-19 1,481
Trends for stag and hen dos - Survey
LuxuriousRedCars65944, 19 August 2019 at 09:29

Hey, We're looking to find out what people are wanting to do on their stag and hen dos in 2019/20. We'd love if you could share your insights in our survey, and there's also the option to enter into...

LuxuriousRedCars6594, monday 19-Aug-19 203