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Who to buy suits for?

HappyBrownCakes12384, 8 July 2020 at 23:13 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 5
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Our wedding party officially is very small, just for a number of reasons like we couldn’t think of a few bridesmaids other than all my female friends and my partner had the same issue with his side. We’re also not flush with money as wanted to try keep costs as reasonable as possible so we are more on the budget side (£14k overall with very cheap venue).

my dad is walking me down the aisle but I wondered if I needed to buy him a suit and also perhaps for my father in law and brothers? It’s an added cost I think we would struggle with but we want to do right by them also.

any advice appreciated! ☺️

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    Newbie Bride September 2021
    ExpensivePinkDecor51060 ·
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    Have you thought about hiring rather than buying a suit it would be a lot cheaper?

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  • HappyPinkHair15172
    Dedicated Bride September 2021 Merseyside
    HappyPinkHair15172 ·
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    I would say, shop around very carefully.

    Depending on the date of your wedding, it may be cheaper to buy rather than hire, and this also means you get the use of the suit in the future.

    I think a lot of regular high st stores will be holding C19 sales, so you may be able to pick up an absolute steal!

    If more formal morning suits are your thing, then hiring would deffo be cheaper.

    If you’re not adverse to preloaded, try Gumtree, eBay, sellmywedding.co.uk, to name just a few. Hire companies also sell off hire stock at the end of each season, a bit like th e boutiques do with sample gowns.

    Hope this helps, I’m a bit of a bargainista, and also concerned about the environmental impact of buying new for just one day.

    Ali xx

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    LookingForward2020 ·
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    Congratulations and hope you're looking forward to your special day!

    The thing I keep having to come back to myself is that it's our day and how we'd like it to be. That's not ignoring the feelings of others, which you're clearly not as you're asking the questions, but it does mean making the decisions you're happiest with. Maybe that money could be spent on other things?

    For us, we are covering the suits for his Father and my Father. They're not crazy expensive and there are good deals out there if you shop around! It's not essential but we felt it would be nice and our budget managed to stretch that far. If it didn't, this is something we would have considered cutting out.

    Hope that helps some little bit!

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    Dedicated Bride June 2020
    RomanticGreenStationery27135 ·
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    Unless you want a specific coordinated look, I'd let family members wear their own suits unless someone doesn't own a suit and would struggle to buy one.

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    Newbie Groom November 2021 New York
    Ronda ·
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    Some of mine friends bought their suits on Amazon, totally fine

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    Newbie Bride July 2020 Cambridgeshire
    Amanda ·
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    My Husband to be just bought his and best man's suits at M&S they have 25% off at the moment trying to sell last years stocks due to C-19 got 3 piece suits for £200 got the boys suits from George for £132 for the 2 and they were 5 piece including shirt. There are some good deals out there at highstreet retailers, we didn't buy the Dad's as we were lucky they had suits already.

    Enjoy your day Smiley smile

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