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Hello everyone!

This is my first forum post and I’m looking for some advice!

When we set a date for a our wedding last year we didn’t think twice before asking our close friends, who are also professional wedding photographers, to capture our big day.
Since then we have continued with the rest of the wedding planning and Pinterest board making and we now have a much better idea of the vibe of our wedding we’re being drawn to photographers who have a completely different style to our friend’s and we’re really starting to worry that we won’t love our wedding photos.

We don’t want to offend our friends by cancelling our booking as we think they’re brilliant and very talented, their style just isn’t right for us. We also don’t want to pay a lot of money for photos we don’t love. We appreciate this is completely our fault for getting too excited and booking them before doing proper research but we want to try and resolve the issue whilst avoiding offending them if possible!

Do we be completely honest with them and see if they can incorporate the styles we like into our wedding photos?

Do we find another photographer whose style we prefer and be honest with our friends about cancelling?

Or do we stick with our friends and accept the final photos might not be to our taste?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated! This is giving me some serious sleepless nights as I really don’t want to offend them!

Thanks for your help! Smiley smile

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  • HappyPinkHair15172
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    Hello, and congratulations on your engagement!

    I’m sure that others will agree, you can fix this situation!

    There’s a few options that immediately sprang to mind:

    1. Have a meet-up and show your friends the style/shots you like and discuss in detail.

    2. Have a conversation where you explain that you would rather your friends be your guests as this is more important to you, and that someone else is shouldering the photographic responsibility.

    3. Ask them to maybe capture only a part of the day, maybe candid, informal shots that the “official “ photographer will miss. You can also point out that they wouldn’t then need to be lumping equipment around.

    These were my initial thoughts, I’m sure many other people will have lots of good suggestions for you.

    Love, Ali xx

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  • Wedding Photography By Bill Haddon
    Wedding Photography By Bill Haddon ·
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    I think the last thing yu should do is Ask them to maybe capture only a part of the day, maybe candid, informal shots that the “official “ photographer will miss.

    They may take this as a massive insult,like - they are not good enough for you as main photographers but you will allow them to take some snaps.

    If you cancel - did you pay a deposit, are you paying them anything, is it their full rate, how long is it before the wedding, they may be out of pocket by this as they have been turning weddings away because they had yours to do. Then you "dump them". I would think they would not then be coming to your wedding only to watch someone else shoot it as they may then be looking for another wedding to fill your gap.

    I would say sit down with them to talk about the kind of styles that you like and get some feed back of if they can shoot it for you like that. If they do not feel that they can then the cold feet may come from them and you can then help them pull out by saying you do not want to pressure them and you are quite happy if they want to just come as guests instead.

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  • R
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    Ronda ·
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    The most important thing you shouldn't skimp on the photographer))

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