Should I get alpacas?

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  • Posted: 4 Feb 2019 13:51

    Should I get alpacas?

    I am getting married in a Scottish castle. It’s beautiful. We have a bagpiper for the whole day and a cello+ piano duo for the ceremony and reception. Should I have alpacas as well? They would be my ring bearers. They are so cute but I am worried that people won’t be interested in the bagpiper or the strings duo or the castle when we have alpacas. Also would they steal the show? Please help me!! Thank you 

  • Posted: 4 Feb 2019 18:48

    Re: Should I get alpacas?

    They say to never work with children or animals so I would steer clear of them but it’s your day and your decision.

  • Posted: 4 Feb 2019 19:40

    Re: Should I get alpacas?

    Whilst the alpacas sound adorable I’m not sure you need that extra wow factor with all the other stuff going on too x

  • Posted: 14 Feb 2019 15:11

    Re: Should I get alpacas?

    Whilst undoubtedly adorable don't forget that they are grazing animals and as such will have frequent calls of nature...



  • Posted: 19 Feb 2019 12:09

    Re: Should I get alpacas?

    I hate to be the lone dissenting decision, but you should absolutely get alpacas. From your list - bagpipes, cello, piano, alpaca - which is going to stick in people's heads the most, making it a truly memorable day? Alpacas, every time. 

    If you're worried they'll upstage the other entertainment, I'd say a reasonable compromise would be to keep them up your sleeve (so to speak) until the ceremony itself to give the musicians their due, then let the ring-bearers loose with a big entrance.

    Show-stealing? Yes. Memorable? Oh, yes. Is that a bad thing? Not in my book...

    Andy (:

  • Posted: 20 Feb 2019 22:39

    Re: Should I get alpacas?

    Usually, they are very friendly and can be a bonus to your day with you and your guests....We have them booked for my forthcoming daughters wedding.....



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