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Should i be worried about Corona causing havoc for our wedding plans in May 2021?

Sally, 21 July 2020 at 18:30 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 5
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Wedding is planned for Sunday May 30th 2021 and I'm reading a lot of stuff online that we may still be in the same situation we are now! Wedding was planned & booked before the pandemic and the one thing we didn't get round to doing was wedding insurance! Venue & all suppliers have been booked & deposits paid but I'm worrying now that we may not be able to have the wedding we planned. Just wondered what other Brides thoughts were? x

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    The news is there to sell copy and scare you. Question every source, is it an opinion piece or anything based on fact?

    Infection rates don't seem to be going up despite lockdown easing and deaths are still low or declining, a vaccine should be ready by the end of the year and restrictions are lifting as the weeks go by.

    There's talk of a second wave but right now it's just talk. A Coronavirus while not a cold, is a cold virus that is way more dangerous than a normal one. You catch colds all year round and there are several Coronaviruses out there and have been for years. Just this one is new and a stinker that kills people. Flu viruses though come in waves around winter.

    Personally I wouldn't have any worries about getting married next May. The thing is, people talk online like they know things for certain when really nobody knows but you can make a confident guess.
    Your wedding is 10 months away. I really wouldn't be worried about it.

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    Newbie Bride May 2021 Hampshire
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    Thanks Chris, that’s what I needed to hear x
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    I second Chris!

    Scaremongering sells. IF the vaccine developments and trials are as positive as they first appear, things may well be looking more "normal" by the spring. I do however, think that there will be a second wave, partly due to how viruses behave, and more importantly, how humans behave.

    One thing is for certain, though. Worrying about something you cannot control is a waste of your energy and time. I understand that people are anxious, confused and scared, but worrying (about anything) does not make the problem lessen, or go away. Being informed and educated is much more useful. Information is power, after all!

    Stay focussed on your special day and your adventure beyond, use this time to plan, make, research, save money, learn a new skill, develop a new hobby, whatever! Then you can look back at this time as an opportunity, not a disaster!

    I say this to you as a "paused Bride"; we were due to marry mid September, but have postponed for 12 months, so I know how you feel!

    Love from Liverpool,

    Ali xx

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  • Wishtobe
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    I'm planning for 26th May, 2021. Postponed from may this year.

    Up to now I don't think there is much point worrying but we are getting married 12th August this year with just 2 witnesses. And the big event we originally planned next May. We have to remember that next year we will be better prepared for what ever happens. Keep your chin up xx

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  • ExpensivePinkFlowers63608
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    Well, I hope 2021 will be ok - my THIRD date is April 2021. I've already postponed twice, don't want to have to postpone a third time.

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