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Send invites out to everyone?

Rox1991, 9 October 2020 at 17:08 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 2
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We’re getting married May 2021 so not sure if we send invites to all our guests (about 60) or to just a small amount as not sure what the rules will be by then? All very uncertain. We have tried to move our date, but doesn’t seem like we can for 2022 due to all the dates we want already being booked up!

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Latest activity by Emily, 16 October 2020 at 18:44
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    Curious Bride September 2021 West London
    Emily ·
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    I'm getting married September 2021 so not at the invite sending stage yet, but we are starting to send out Save the Dates.

    We are sending them out to everyone on our guest list. If we need to postpone/reduce due to Covid, people will understand. It is completely unforeseeable and I think most people will (hopefully!) be sensitive to the situation.
    The only thing I was a little wary of was asking bridal/groom party as this incurs costs and if we needed to reduce to family only I wouldn't want anyone to be out of pocket.
    With invites, you don't want to risk someone thinking they aren't invited, and then the rules change so you do ask them but they aren't free on that date anymore.
    Best of luck with it all!
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    Caroline ·
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    I'm September 21, I sent out my save the dates out to my day guests only. I have made a list for a 30 person wedding, just in case, but people are accepting that we may have to make tough choices. Even when I sent out the save the dates my auntie said up front if we had to cut numbers she wouldn't be offended - as she is making the cake think her place is pretty secure. Its worth making the ranked guests lists, especially if people need to book accommodation and it may feel like a less emotional task now than closer to the time. I'm starting to warm to the idea of having multiple informal partys and getting to wear my dress multiple times if everyone can't be invited to the day.

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