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Katie, 30 August 2020 at 09:07 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 3
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Hi guys,

Set up my wedding page ages ago and recently went onto check for any rsvp’s, only to find its greyed out all my guests (Unassigned) and all previous rsvp’s have disappeared. Says I have no guests. I pretended to be one of my guests that I had added and typed their name in to RSVP but it said not recognised. It’s quite embarrassing to think my guests have been trying to RSVP but can’t and might think they are not in fact invited 🥴

Emailed hitched twice but nobody has ever got back to me.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas how to fix it? Tried to assign people to family groups but that did nothing - still greyed out and still not recognised as a guest.

Katie x

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    I am having the same issues! I have emailed Hitched but waiting for their reply~ Did anyone come back to you?
    Thank you,
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    Nope nobody got back to me. I actually think I managed to sort it be re-adding all guests and assigning them to a new group. However I still can’t see who had previously rsvp’d so I had to go by memory. I typed one of our guests into the RSVP from my website and it did come up now so I’m hoping I’ve sorted it.

    Good luck

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    I think there was something a while back about hitched changing and that we would need to download all our planning stuff by a certain date? Can't remember the details as it was around the time that we discovered we were going to have to cancel our reception due to Covid, so it all became pretty irrelevant for us anyway.

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