On-the-day wedding coordinator

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  • Posted: 10 Feb 2019 22:57

    On-the-day wedding coordinator

    I am getting married in November last and I was just curious as to whether anyone is getting or has got themselves an on-the-day wedding coordinator? 

    Despite having a toast master and a venue event organiser on the day I’ve been disappointed with mine thus far and friends have said similar about theirs in the past. I’m tempted to look into it but wondered has anyone else experienced this or thinking the same? 



  • Posted: 11 Feb 2019 13:34

    Re: On-the-day wedding coordinator

    I think if you have an event organiser supplied by the venue, they would do more or less the same thing as an on-the-day coordinator. 

    With that plus the toastmaster, I think you'd be getting into 'too many cooks' territory if you brought in your own coordinator too.

    The owner of our venue acts as the coordinator for the day, as well as making the announcements throughout the day (pretty much toastmaster). Our wedding is Sept this year, and we met with him on Saturday to go through our suppliers - he is going to liaise with them regarding set up, equipment and pre-wedding visits. 

    If you feel that the people provided by your venue (particularly the organiser, the toastmaster doesn't really come into it until the day) aren't doing what they should be, I would contact your venue manager. You are paying for their services, so if you feel that you need to bring in external help, they really need to up their game! 

    Good luck, hope this helps! X

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