Making own invitations - rubber stamps?

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  • Posted: 15 Mar 2013 12:47

    Making own invitations - rubber stamps?

    Hi, I'm looking at making my own invitations, well that's the idea at the moment, but I'm thinking it could easily end up just as expensive as having them made!

    So I'm looking for any tips on where to buy cheap, but good quality, card, paper and ribbons etc. I quite like the idea of getting a stamp made so that we can personalise all of the cards easily but I'm not sure where to start! We have designed a logo with our initials and we think it would work well as a stamp. We would ideally like to get it made into a stamp and then use metallic embossed ink (I think this exists...I'm new to crafts!!). I've tried to google made to measure stamps but they seem more aimed at the business world and not for craft use. Any ideas?

    Failing that I'm wondering if we could have some embossed stickers made up in our logo.

    We could always print our logo onto the paper and use metallic colours elsewhere on the invitations and get depth by adding different layers rather than embossing if this proved too costly.

    Any ideas or tips much appreicated!

  • Posted: 15 Mar 2013 13:13

    Re: Making own invitations - rubber stamps?

    I'm a card maker and made my own invitations so would strongly recommend it! At the very least, you can stand back at the end and be proud of your handiwork! My own invitations are quite basic as I needed to make 150 and I was *not* going to pressure myself! I can give you lots of advice about how to go about it so feel free to pm me anytime!

    Regarding the stamp:

    Have a look on this blog: - she got hers from here: or this company also does them:

    If you want something more detailed and definitely want a stamp, you could buy a kit and make it yourself. I wouldn't recommend it though as they are horribly expensive and a little bit fiddly. I bought one and it took me a few attempts before I got it right! This is the one I used:

    Another option for the stamp is to use the heat embossing technique - it raises the letters/images and gives it a lovely finish - very much a 'wow' factor I think! This link gives you soem explanation:

    Regarding card/paper/ribbons:

    Ebay - loads on there and often have cheap or free postage. Look out for the card thickness (gsm - ideally 250 - 300)

    Craft Superstore - excellent and have a sale at the moment:

    Docrafts are good too & very quick to deliver - may not have exactly what you need though!

  • Posted: 15 Mar 2013 13:17

    Re: Making own invitations - rubber stamps?

    As mentioned above, I bought my card etc from Handcrafted Card Company and designed my stamps then had them made at the English Stamp Company. I then embossed them after stamping.

  • Posted: 8 Feb 2019 8:22

    Re: Making own invitations - rubber stamps?

    Hey, I've been there. It was for my brother's wedding tablecloths, napkins and souvenirs, if you want real cheap but durable rubber stamps you should try E-Stamps Australia they have an online stamp designer so easy to use. They also have a branch in UK which is Ecom Rubber Stamps UK so you won't have to worry about getting your stamps on time. Hope this helps.

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