Keeping kids entertained - am i worrying over nothing??

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  • Posted: 25 Jun 2019 14:55

    Keeping kids entertained - am i worrying over nothing??

    We are getting married next June in a really small intimate wedding with just my 2 children and both sets of parents. We are having a big reception/party 3 days later with the rest of family and friends. My concern is the day is long and we may bore the kids to death. The day looks as follows 


    We are staying together as a family the night before and having dinner.

    So 8am-10am breakfast

    Ceremony at 12:30

    Drinks and photos

    Afternoon tea being served 3-4pm

    Some down time to spend time in the grounds and with the family until our wedding breakfast at 6:30pm

    We do have the opportunity to leave the venue and go on a mini cruise on a local lake near by, but we weren't so keen to leave. 

    Just wonder if there is anything we could do to ensure the children weren't just bored senseless. They are pretty sociable children, there is plenty of space on the grounds to have a walk or play out. With there being so little of us I was just a bit concerned. The reception night we will have games and photo booths and there will be more children so that is fine. 


  • Posted: 27 Jun 2019 10:19

    Re: Keeping kids entertained - am i worrying over nothing??


    Have you thought about a Magician for everyone? 

    Some people have a perception of a Magician as just being a children's entertainer (which they can be) and some see them as adult entertainment. 

    But a good Magician can entertain all your family, I personally love performing for children as they are so amazed. 

    Make a few enquiries and ask if your magician could put on a small show for the children or maybe teach them a few tricks which they can then come back and show you. 

    This give you a bit of downtime and some amazing entertainment when they get back!

    If your wedding is in the Hampshire area then please give me a call. 


    Hampshire Magician - Roger Lapin

  • Posted: 26 Jul 2019 10:01

    Re: Keeping kids entertained - am i worrying over nothing??

    I went to a wedding where the kids has colouring pages and pencils which kept them occupied... Especially during speeches! 

  • Posted: 29 Jul 2019 19:10

    Re: Keeping kids entertained - am i worrying over nothing??

    You could make activity packs with colouring/puzzles/crayons

  • Posted: 29 Jul 2019 19:59

    Re: Keeping kids entertained - am i worrying over nothing??

    We only have a few children coming, 5 or 6. We have some games that adults and children can play (quoits, jenga, connect 4) plus my fiance has picked up these giant cable reels from work. I'm going to paint a couple with blackboard paint and give the kids chalks. I'm also going to do some packs of colouring books and crayons to go on the tables. 

    Hope that helps! X

  • Posted: 14 Jan 2020 16:05

    Re: Keeping kids entertained - am i worrying over nothing??

    I am surprised to see this issue about children at weddings raising concerns over and over.

    If the family and guests have children then surely it is only right to make the day a fully integrated day with all ages attending and made welcome.

    Recently there is a growing trend to look for ways to break up the long day during which kids can get bored and become a distraction to the main event.


    Take a look and search online for [children's entertainer near.....] and get in touch with those that are happy to do one or more sessions during the day.

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