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I want a professional wedding website building, does anyone know somebody?

LuxuriousGold77060, 3 July 2020 at 11:59 Posted on Wedding Planning 0
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Hi all,
I hope everyone is happy and well (with everything that is going on). I've not long been engaged I want to show my journey from engagement right through to the honeymoon, so I can share it with my family and friends.
I'm looking for a web designer that specialises in wedding website design. I know you can build free websites on Wix and other websites but...
1. I don't want to design the site myself and I just don't like the templates on most of these sites. Plus I want to match the colour scheme of my wedding.
2. I want to be able to talk to someone on the phone. Not a technical support page or a bot.
3. I don't want my website to be littered with adverts. I understand that's how the sites make their money back, but it's just not what I want.
Does anyone know of anyone know of a wedding website designer?
Thank you,
Grace xxx

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