How much should we spend on wedding gifts?

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  • Posted: 5 Apr 2014 22:09

    How much should we spend on wedding gifts?

    Hi all,

    We need some advice please!  We're attending two weddings this summer - one has a House of Fraser gift list, and the other couple have asked for money contributions to their honeymoon.

    Do we give the latter couple the same amount in cash as we will spend on the House of Fraser gift list for the others?

    How much would you give?

    To help, let me provide the following info, in case you find it relevant!

    1) We are what I'd call 'moderate' friends with them.  Not bezzies.

    2) We will be attending the full day - ceremony, meal, evening reception too.

    3) 'We' means both myself and my OH are going, and we both know both the girl and guy in each couple.

    4) We have to pay for a hotel to attend each wedding as they're both 2 - 4 hours away (we'll drive to get there)


    I'm not sure whether the distance traveled to the weddings, and our having to pay for hotels should impact the wedding gift at all.  Does it?  I've only ever attended weddings before where we went back home again afterwards.  Except one that was abroad - but that was an entirely different kettle of fish!

    Appreciate your help Smile

  • Posted: 5 Apr 2014 22:24

    Re: How much should we spend on wedding gifts?

    I would give £50? I suppose it's whatever you can afford? 

  • Posted: 5 Apr 2014 22:26

    Re: How much should we spend on wedding gifts?

    Depending on our financial circumstances at the time of wedding, we try and put £50 in cash (if requested) or get a gift from somewhere between £30-50. I think for friends £50 is more than adequate as a gift!

  • Posted: 5 Apr 2014 23:33

    Re: How much should we spend on wedding gifts?

    I've never given cash at weddings where cash is asked for.

    I give currency, for wherever they're going on honeymoon.  I've done this at the past 3 weddings i've attended and never failed to get a hugely positive response.  No one seems to do it, when it's a fairly obvious (I think) idea.

    It's just a bit more 'unique' than giving sterling iyswim?  Also, the last wedding I went to, they were going to Egypt on honeymoon.  It was so lovely to give someone a wad of 500 Egyptian pounds in a card lol (about 50 quid)

  • Posted: 6 Apr 2014 6:04

    Re: How much should we spend on wedding gifts?

    We always tend to do £25 if evening guest or £50 if day guest. Obviously if buying a gift it's probably harder to stick to the exact amount but if still work on this basis. I would personally always rather give cash that way the money can be out towards whatever they want. In our case any money received will go firstly towards our photo album (so we have a keepsake) and the rest will go towards our honeymoon. X

  • Posted: 6 Apr 2014 20:56

    Re: How much should we spend on wedding gifts?

    The foreign currency is a great idea for the honeymoon couple, thanks for that!

    Looks like you've all said £50 for a day guest.  Interestingly, my other half also said he thought £50.  But he meant for each of us attending - so £100 between us.

    Did you guys all mean £50 for both of us?????  

    I remember my mum telling me that the tradition is to give a gift that as a minimum covers the cost of the meal, knowing that it actually costs the couple a lot more than the meal in payment to the venue owners, with venue hire costs, paying for chair covers, canapes/drinks reception etc.  I know that the venues they have booked are at least at the £50 mark (ie. £35 - 45 per head for food, but assuming there will be the wine on top).


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