GIfts for bridesmaids/mother/father

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  • Posted: 3 Jun 2018 14:03

    GIfts for bridesmaids/mother/father

    is anyone doing little gifts for them to give during speeches? Any suggestions very welcome for both sets of parents (I’d assume?) a 6yo bridesmaid, best man? Older maid of honour? I’ve no idea what to do. 

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2018 9:05

    Re: GIfts for bridesmaids/mother/father

    For your young Bridesmaid, I saw a beautiful thing on Etsy - it's a Disney charm to hang on their flowers, with a message about being something old for their wedding day. Great price too!

    For my bridesmaids, I'm going to make them some jewellery to wear on the day, and probably put together a goody bag of treats. 

    Not sure what the boys are getting yet - leaving that to the fiance!

    Mums will be getting bunches of flowers, presented during the speeches (going to present the other gifts in the morning when getting ready).

    Not sure about Dads - we only have my chap's Dad and stepdad to worry about, so again, I'll probably leave it to him. 

  • Posted: 7 Jun 2018 0:47

    Re: GIfts for bridesmaids/mother/father

    I love the little gift from Etsy! Thanks for the ideas. His parents may be super awkward as we’ve all not spoken in almost 2yrs (I’ve pushed for a meeting closer to wedding but they are yet to reply again, family fallouts hey!). I’m hoping to brush things over before the day, oh said it’s make or break time for them, I think he’s right but it’s sad to see them miss out on our future together 

  • Posted: 8 Jun 2018 8:44

    Re: GIfts for bridesmaids/mother/father

    It's cute isn't it!! And a bargain price too! 

    Eep, sorry to hear his parents are being awkward, good luck!

    Regarding the parents' gifts, I think traditionally a nice bunch of flowers for the mums is fine, and maybe cufflinks or something similar for dads? 

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