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Do we postpone? 馃槶

Bethany, 9 September 2020 at 18:20 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 5
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So we鈥檙e due to get married 22/01/21, we鈥檙e having a small ceremony of 26 (totally fine with current guidance) but a bigger reception on the evening. I鈥檓 happy to go ahead with things as they are and have the party at a later date if it comes to it, but my partner is insisting if we can鈥檛 have the evening reception as we originally planned he wants to postpone. So I鈥檓 now sort of in limbo not knowing whether to continue in the hope things change in the next 3 months or whether to save my money in case I end up losing deposits etc if we need to change the date. Thoughts anyone??

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    Hi, I know how you feel. 12.02 and just utterly in limbo. We have made the decision that come hell or high water our marraige will start on our day because after 2 years of planning we wanted it to be for us. Then we will have our 'wedding' later. So we are currently looking into having a blessing or something similar when we have wedding 2.0. I dont knowing this helps at all but it's an option for you to have 2 weddings. Wishing you all the best. X
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    If your partner is adamant that he won't go ahead without the big party, then I don't think you have much choice but to postpone and hope things get better. It might be worth pointing out to him though, that until a vaccine is widely available, there are no guarantees that covid won't affect a date later in 2021 or even in 2022.

    In your place, I'd be going ahead with whatever was possible on the original date and look to have a bigger celebration later in the event that covid limits the celebrations on the actual wedding day.

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    Have you spoken to your venue? I鈥檝e seen post suggesting where they have people at different sections of the day so it鈥檚 still 30 people but at different times of day. It might be an idea to start thinking of plan B. I wouldn鈥檛 necessarily cancel because we have no idea when things are going to change.
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    I totally feel your pain! Our wedding date is 27th Feb and we're getting increasing anxious about it. There's no way we could cut our guest list down to 30 so if restrictions are still in place we are going to move it to 2022 (sadly no more 2021 dates available at our venue). Even if our guest list was small enough, I feel like all the rules and regulations (face masks, social distancing, no hugging, no dancing) would just take all the fun out of it for us. If you can put up with these things I would say definitely try and convince your partner to go ahead with the ceremony as you're lucky you have a small guest list so wouldn't have to cut anyone off! Then you'll still have your party to look forward to at a later date Smiley smile

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    I am also worried about whether we have to postpone our honeymoon plans. We were looking forward to this occasion for almost 2 years and have booked kerala honeymoon packages in advance.

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