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  • Posted: 14 Jan 2020 10:03

    Re: corkage charge

    I have just been quoted corkage of £15 per bottle for Prosecco and £10 per bottle for still wine by my venue for my 70th Birthday celebration for just 2 drinks per guest, and was shocked by the quote. If the wine at the venue had been cheaper I would have used theirs but Prosecco was £26.50 per bottle and house wine £19.50 per bottle.  I have already paid for room hire (albeit negotiating a lower fee, apparently it's free on a Friday night but due to guests unable to do this). A 6 item  Buffet for 65 guests is also booked.  I feel that as it is only a birthday celebration th3se prices ar very high.

  • Posted: 10 Feb 2020 17:50

    Re: corkage charge

    I am still reeling from a conversation I had with our venue last month.

    We are getting married in a National Trust property, we are literally only there for about an hour.  They have chanrged us £1500 just to have the ceremony there, and it will still be open to the public.


    We booked last May and asked about drinks and canapés packages for during our photos after the ceremony.

    We were assured details would be forthcoming, never materialised.

    Got an email early January to say that they can no longer offer the drinks and canapés packages, but “would I be happy to pay £9 per bottle corkage if we brought our own”!

    What grates is that I used to be the Wedding Coordinator there, and it’s where we met.  I never charged couples corkage as the drinks were only ever poured out and not formally served.

    To top it off, the wedding coordinator is about to leave, and we have no contact details about who will be taking over, neither has anyone been in touch so far! 

    There are only 4 weddings booked in for the whole year, so it’s not like they haven’t for round to us yet.

    I am waiting on their response.  Will let you know how I get on.

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