Centrepiece flower help!

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  • Posted: 19 May 2018 8:19

    Centrepiece flower help!

    we are doing our own centrepieces after everywhere near us are too expensive to hire from.  I’ve gone for fishbowls, crystals in the bottom, water and I wanted floating roses. I’ve tried with silk, they floated for a few hrs then started to tip the heads down and dyed the water. Anyone got any tips to keep them up the right way? Or a stockist/shop that might help? I’ve found special floating roses on eBay at a sensible price but their only in white and I’m after burgundy, if I dye them I’m worried it’ll stain the water 

  • Posted: 4 Jun 2018 8:22

    Re: Centrepiece flower help!

    I saw on Pinterest that you can use bubble wrap. Cur a small piece the size of the flower and then pierce a small hole in the middle and put the stem through it...  I haven't tried it myself but the logic seems good!

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