Buy my dress now or wait?

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  • Posted: 29 Feb 2012 19:53

    Buy my dress now or wait?

    Hi all

    I found my dream dress a few weeks ago but I decided to think about it before buying as it was the first shop I had visited. 

    I had a few questions so decided to call the shop today they were helpful and answered all my questions but she told me that I should be ordering my dress now as some are taking 10 months to get in! I told them I was going to wait until after the national wedding show at the nec on the 16th March before ordering. They then told me that they have a wedding trade show on the 11th March where they will buy lots of new stock and my dress may then be discontinued as its from 2010. 

    I am in 2 minds whether to buy the dress now as I really love it or wait until after their trade fair as my mum thinks the dress will go into their sample sales and be cheaper.

    Does anyone have a similar experience? How old are dresses before they discontinue them for new ones usually?

    Im not sure if the shop are trying to worry me into buying it now!

  • Posted: 29 Feb 2012 20:13

    Re: Buy my dress now or wait?

    hi, i found my dress last year...paid deposit, and they said it would take 6 months to come into the shop, but 4 weeks later got a call to say it was in the shop as it was being discontinued. But if you are going to National Wedding Show, I would wait, when I went in Sept they had some amazing dresses and amazing prices!!!

  • Posted: 29 Feb 2012 20:44

    Re: Buy my dress now or wait?

    I found my dress in the first shop after only trying on five dresses. If you really love the dress then I would go back to the shop, try it on again and if you still feel the same way ask them if they would consider letting you buy the sample and offer them around 25% less than the retail price. My dress shop knew the dress I was trying on was over my budget but when I fell in love with it they took around 25 - 30% off the price. It really depends on how much you like it xxxx

  • Posted: 29 Feb 2012 21:31

    Re: Buy my dress now or wait?

    Can I play evils advocate here, I did just that, and as a result of owning my dress for nearly 18months, ended up not liking it much as I was so used to it.  Luckily, I have fallen back in love with it after having a long break away from it, but just bear that in mind when considering options.  If you do still love this one after trying others etc closer to the time, there is always preloved and

  • Posted: 1 Mar 2012 9:53

    Re: Buy my dress now or wait?

    Don't let the shop pressure you into buying - don't forget they are out to make money and if they know you love it, they probably know it won't take much to persuade you to buy it. Is the dress available at other shops? If it is, why not call them and find out whether it is likely to be gone or not. The wedding fayre is only two weeks away so I can't imagine in the time your dress would be totally unavailable.

    I will say however, if you love it, then don't make yourself too crazy looking for something else. And if it is going into the sample sale like the other hitcher said, why not ask if they'd do a deal.

  • Posted: 2 Mar 2012 13:33

    Re: Buy my dress now or wait?


    I ordered my dress at NEC and went there specifically to do so as the shop I wanted it from were offering 20% off (which I had noticed at the last NEC wedding show I had been to but they didn't advertise that fact!). I suspect they are trying to pressure you as they know you may get a bargain at NEC and they are after your sale. It's highly unlikely that your dress will be discontinued - but if in doubt maybe enquire at another bridal shop that stocks the dress or designer

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