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AShetlandBitMeOnce, 5 September 2019 at 16:39 Posted on Wedding Planning 0
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Hello All!

I've been lurking for a little while and finally plucked the courage to join! I hope I've posted this in the right place!

I'm in the very early stages of planning our wedding for October 2021, there is one thing I've been pondering and I'd love any thoughts on as I'm struggling to find much on Google/Pinterest.

I'm almost certain in not wanting flowers, I'm just not much of a flower person and any of the flowers I do like are much to summery for an October wedding and the clean theme I'm imaging!

For my Bridesmaids I was planning on getting them a beautiful clutch bag, so they still have something to hold/do with their hands and it seconds as a bridesmaid gift.

Table wise I'm looking mainly at greenery, with other trinkets and again no flowers in sight!

But then what do I do myself? Would it be strange to just have a bouquet for myself when there are no other flowers to tie in the decor, with a gold and emerald theme I wouldn't even know what flowers to introduce! Do you have any amazing ideas of bouquet alternatives? Anything I can find online still focuses on flowers (EG Cloth or paper flowers!). I'm not much of a traditional bride, my dress is a bit different to the ordinary, I'm not planning on having a veil but I don't know if this would be a step too far and I'd regret it!

Any help much appreciated and if you've read this far through my essay please pour a drink of your choosing! Smiley smile

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    The bridesmaids clutch bag sounds great and if only you had flowers it wouldn't look strange at all. Also there is no problem at all with you not having flowers, you don't have to be holding anything so don't worry too much about trying to find something just to hold.

    During the day I often do some shots without the bouquet.

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