A How-To-Guide to making Button Bouquets.

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    Posted: 29 Dec 2010 19:13

    Re: A How-To-Guide to making Button Bouquets.


    I still haven't attached mine to my bouquet holder.. I'm so scared of doing it incase I mess up lol! May try it soon though.



    SNAP......i'm scared to do this aswell lol. xxx

  • Posted: 2 Feb 2011 13:59

    Re: A How-To-Guide to making Button Bouquets.




    Hoping this will be of some use for some people wanting something different to the traditional flowers.


     Firstly, you will need to collect alot of buttons in your colour scheme. Ebay, junk shops, chairty shops, carboots, fabric shops etc will be your best friend! I am also using lace and pearls/beads for mine, aswell as various brooches. I have found that taking apart a cheap flower garland from Asda leaves white fabric flower shapes which work quite well at the bottom of some of the button flowers.


     The button flower stems are florist wire, it comes in a range of colours including white, I don't intend on having mine showing when the bouquet is finished. It comes in different sizes. I used 12 inch/20 swg wire. It's easily manipulated and not too thick to fit buttons and beads onto. It's fairly inexpensive, again, Ebay is your best bet.








    You need to decide how you want the flowers to look, so do a few mock ups before putting any on the wire. Once you've decided,  bend over a couple of inches of the wire at one end, and thread the top button on first, then the second and so on. I find a maximum of 3-4 buttons to each stem is fine, but it's up to you.









     Once you have thread all your buttons for the flower onto the wire, twist the remaining wire as tightly under the bottom button as possible to secure it and repeat with the rest of the button flowers. You can add lace to the bottom of these too, I use a hot glue gun to attach the lace underneath the bottom button once thread onto the wire.





    Some finished button flowers -







    There are probably a number of ways of turning your button flowers into a bouquet but I have decided to use La duette oasis bouquet holders. (Dry ones, not wet).





    (This pic is just a mock up which I threaded onto my pomander base)



    Any gaps will be filled with lace and beads threaded onto craft wire. I'll use organza ribbon or nice vintage lace to cover the underneath part of the oasis and secure the florists wire to form a 'handle', which will be tightly covered in matching ribbon. I have no pics of a finished one as mine isn't at that stage yet - I still need LOTS more buttons to complete it.


    Here are examples of how it should/could turn out -







    Hope this helps some DIY Brides-to-be!




    Nat x



    Hope you dont mind, i found it and wanted to post it on my thread so i can find it for reference in the future :)

  • Posted: 28 Jan 2012 19:47

    Re: A How-To-Guide to making Button Bouquets.

    Only just found this thread, have been thinking about making a bouquet for a while and have now decided to do it. I have got a few buttons, but they are all pretty much the same colour and size, any tips or if anyone could send other buttons i would be very greatful


    Thanks all xx

  • Posted: 28 Jan 2012 20:31

    Re: A How-To-Guide to making Button Bouquets.

    Tip - get loads of buttons, you need a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colours to make your bouquet interesting. make  a few mock up ones before starting on THE one. Experiment with using oasis and not using it, I thought it would be easier to use it, but ended up wasting button stacks. Consider the cost....you can spend £100's on buttons if you want something different.....may work out cheaper to work with a designer like I heart vintage button bouquets to get the look you want. I'm making mine as i want something that I will look at and love everyday. 

  • Posted: 28 Jan 2012 21:15

    Re: A How-To-Guide to making Button Bouquets.

    I'm currently making my button bouquet, it's lots of fun (and work) and a bit frustrating at times but overall pretty easy and fun! I find it very annoying when I order buttons on Ebay and they come to me a different colour...! 


    I'm making two, one for my flower girl in pink/purple, and one for me in red/pearl white. I've also ordered some very large glass pearls to put on single stems just to pretty it up a bit. 

    I'm using floral wire, think it's 26 gauge.

    Overall it's lovely and lots of fun. I'm going to make some button holes for the blokes too with green buttons. Hopefully they'll look good on the day! I think I've used about 300 buttons so far.


  • Posted: 28 Jul 2014 11:52

    Re: A How-To-Guide to making Button Bouquets.

    This is a fab tutorial - thank you!

  • Posted: 28 Jul 2014 17:27

    Re: A How-To-Guide to making Button Bouquets.


    I've just had some bits and bobs arrive in the post, including the bouquet oasis, some tiny fake baby's breath flowers with pearls on and some pearl headed pins to attach lace etc to the bouquet too.

    STBMRSEVANS - Yeah, I'll cut the button flowers down quite alot, with maybe 2 inches of wire left. I did some mock ones to make sure they stayed firmly in place in some Dry oasis I had and it works perfectly! :D


    BrideBrat I have some white/cream buttons you can have if you want to send me your address to post them too.

    So kind of you! We should have a button swap on here as I buy buttons in bulk packs sometimes which come with other colours, if everyone writes down what colours they are using we could get a swap shop going. BlondeViki very kindly sent me a load of white/cream buttons too - Hitchers are so kind!



    I have loads of buttons - Any one what any blue, teal, Turquoise or varying shades of purple ones? 

  • Posted: 1 Oct 2014 22:02

    Re: A How-To-Guide to making Button Bouquets.

    I have started to make a button bouquet in white ivory and purple/lilac for my bridesmaid, but have no idea how many buttons this will take would someone be able to help me? Also what is the best way to put it together as much advice as possible please! Thanks to all you brides and b2b's out there.

    I made mine with artificial flowers and brooches but want this one a bit different!

    thanks again


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