*** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

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  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 20:41

    *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    Wow, I can hardly believe that I've been married now for nearly 3 months Eek It was absolutely the best day of my life and I was desperate to share with you all soon after the wedding so I wrote this report ages ago but was waiting for the pro photos. Then when they arrived, I'd gone back to work and got busy... well, you know how it goes. Anyway, enough waffling, without further ado... my report!

    The Dress Disaster!

    Having ordered my bespoke dress 9 months ago, I’d been having suspicions about the shop and designer and felt I was being fobbed off when I pushed for info. Finally, 8 days before the wedding, I got ‘the’ phone call – but not the one I was hoping for. They told me the dress definitely wouldn’t be in, and would I please go into the shop for my refund. To say I was rather horrified would be an understatement, but the stress had been going on for so long I had rather fallen out of love with the whole idea of my dress anyway so I wasn’t too upset – just panicked about finding one in time!

    I quickly phoned Vivien of Holloway and asked them to put 2 ivory satin circle dresses to the side in what I thought was my size and the one above, and the following day – Saturday 14th July – I made the 4 hour road trip (each way!) to London with one of my bridesmaids. We had a BALL – time to gossip, laugh, eat haribo – what more could you want? I arrived at the shop to see another bride trying on a lace-covered dress and immediately said, “I want THAT one!” I was then measured up to find I was a size smaller than I thought (VoH having vintage sizes and I’d over-estimated my conversion) so I was feeling anxious again – what if my size wasn’t in? What if the lace dress wasn’t available? What if NOTHING looked right? Well, I’ve always heard people ‘just knew’ when they put the right dress on, and mine was PERFECT. Fell hopelessly in love with it, bought another dress for the evening for good measure, and set off home finally with my own wedding dress!

    The general run up.

    I had an accident in July 2011 and badly damaged my ankle, so when I had to have it reconstructed in October and had 12 weeks off work, it was the perfect opportunity to plan the wedding! I’m a bit of an organisation freak anyway (lists lists lists!) so everything was well under control in the run up. Apart from the gilding – I have discovered an inner-craftiness when planning this wedding, but even I was cursing my then-fiancé when, shortly before the wedding, he suggested creating beautiful leaf patterns on our home-made wish tree luggage tags, using a stencil, PVA glue and gilding flakes. All I can say to any brides still planning – DON’T DO IT!!! It looks exquisite, but it is SO not worth it – nobody cares what the tags look like (except you, and you won’t care – or notice – on the day!) Mind you, I haven’t had chance to look at them since they have been written on, so maybe I’ll appreciate it when I’m creating our wish album. Apart from finishing those off in the final week, we packed different things into different boxes and I created spreadsheets and timetables for everyone (sure they loved me – but I did at least stop short on the laminated ‘to do’ lists that I had previously threatened!) OH had finished work on the Tuesday, so he spent most of the week setting up the venue with the acres and acres of bunting. On Wednesday night I had eyelash extensions (OUCH – look amazing, but kind of fall into the gilding category for me!), Thursday night it was the rehearsal, bridesmaids arrived, and we had pedicures done. The boys were decorating the venue until gone midnight, and me and a BM were gluing ribbon on candle holders ready for the table decorations.  A late night was had by all, but we were nearly ready!

    Last day as a spinster!

    On Friday we all got up bright an early and went straight to the village hall. One bridesmaid cooked us all bacon, sausage and egg butties for breakfast and we set all of the tables and chairs up. OH and his best man set up the sound and lighting – they faffed with it for AGES but it did look incredible. Our little village hall was transformed into a stunning wedding venue! My sister finished the wedding cake off (except for the fruit topping) and then the four of us (me and three BMs) went to the beauty salon in the village for facials, massages and manicures all afternoon. It was perfect – the wine and chocolate flowed, and we didn’t stop talking and laughing. We went straight to the village pub for dinner and my mum met us there too. Then we all went to my parents’ house and watched ‘Bridesmaids’ whilst finishing tweaking the BM dresses (cutting off bits of netting!) It was NEARLY a stress-free early night... until I found out OH’s sister in law was interfering AGAIN and had invited herself to our house (ie where the boys were getting ready) on the morning of the wedding. I had a huge strop and threw a giant hissyfit until she backed off... my one and only bridezilla moment!  Finally it was betime – a few chapters of Mr Grey and then reading my hitched ‘Good Luck’ thread on my phone in bed – everyone else was asleep and I couldn’t believe I was getting married the next day! I felt excited and not at all nervous, just desperately wanted it to be Saturday!

    (Wedding day and thousands of pics to follow!)

  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 20:50

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    Don't leave us hanging......


  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 20:55

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    Wedding day is finally here!

    I woke up early – before everyone else – which was bliss as I could sneak into the bathroom and have a leisurely bath to chill out before the big day. I remained chilled all morning, as did my lovely dad, but the BMs and my mum were so flappy! It was quite funny really, the calm bride helping the BMs get ready! The hairdresser arrived at 9am and did an AMAZING job with my hair and my sister’s hair – so much so that the other two BMs asked if she’d squeeze theirs in too. I’m glad she did – it really helped us all look the part. Then the important task of breakfast (bucks fizz and croissants!) and then I killed a bit of time playing with my nephews while the BMs carried on getting ready.

      My beautiful shoes!

    Two of my beautiful bridesmaids!

    My dad had run the buttonholes over the my house for the boys, and came back with a single red rose and Pandora gift box from OH...  he had bought me a Pandora bracelet with 2 locking beads on it and a gorgeous little charm in the shape of a letter, with ‘To my love’ on one side, and ‘from me’ on the other. He sent me a card and the most beautiful letter – he is going to buy me a charm for each anniversary, and his letter made me cry, it was so full of love. I put the bracelet on straight away, together with a lovely eternity bangle from my parents with the Corinthians 13 words engraved on it. I also put on my pearl and sparkle necklace and earrings, and my mum’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring on for my something borrowed, old and blue! I had my sixpence in my shoe ready, and nearly everything else was new anyway!

    I started my make-up and our wonderful tog arrived at that point. He was so lovely – I felt totally comfortable getting ready with him around, it didn’t alter the atmosphere at all.

    Concentrating on make up!

    At midday I had finally got the BMs dressed and grabbed one of them to help me into my dress and veil...

    and 10 mins later the car arrived for my mum and nephews. A few more photos of BMs and I...

    and then the car came back for them and the tog set off to the church as well. This just left me and Dad, finishing some champagne and finally getting some peace! The car collected us as 12.40pm... so despite a slow drive to the next village, we still got there 10 mins early so our lovely chauffer took us for a lovely drive around the block.

    We arrived at the church and I still felt calm!

    OH had taken my ring and I had his in my handbag (Irregular Choice, of course!) so when we arrived, my first task was to tie his ring onto the cushion for my youngest nephew to carry. It was at this point I realised that my hands were trembling slightly! I think Dad realised and he calmed me down.

    Suddenly we were at the doors of the church; I could see some guests at the back and realised it must be packed. I felt a mix of emotions – desperate to get in there and see my gorgeous man, but also shaking like mad! The vicar greeted us and once I was ready, announced my arrival, “Please stand for the entrance of the bride.” Well, I had no idea the effect that would have – I nearly burst into tears of joy, I had a massive lump in my throat and had to take lots of deep breaths! The music had started – a beautiful arrangement of Air of G for the flute played by a very musically talented friend, accompanied by the organ. The BMs and our handsome little ring bearer went down the aisle first, and then Dad and I. He told me off for going too fast, but once I’d seen my goal, I just wanted to GO!

    I vaguely recall seeing a few friendly faces grinning at me but it’s all a bit of a blur! We arrived at the Vicar and had a few seconds while Air finished to compose myself. OH told me I looked amazing and I nearly lost it again!

  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:00

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    Absolutely LOVE your whole outfit....

  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:05

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    You look lovely! Keep it coming x

  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:05

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!



  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:09

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    The ceremony.

    It was PERFECT. My mum did a lovely reading (Corinthians 13)

    and then we all sung ‘Morning Has Broken.’ At this point we weren’t married, so OH was sitting next to his best man, and I sat next to dad, all opposite each other so we kept grinning at each other like total idiots!

    Our usher then did a second reading, one that OH and I had written together but the usher then tweaked and it was amazing – so funny, sweet and meaningful. I’m really glad we took that risk of writing our own. Finally, we got married!

    No word stumbling, no crying (my biggest fear was that I’d sob my way through the vows!) and after we were married, my new husband whispered, “You’re my wife now!” to me. Romantic, until the Vicar repeated it to the congregation, but very much in a, “You’re my wife now, Dave!” style which caused a lot of giggling. After the blessing, we went to sign the registers while our talented musical friend sang her own version of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ with her dad accompanying her on the guitar, and then she played ‘Ave Maria’ on the flute. Utterly stunning and I only wish I could have stopped and listened! Mind you, we did have some hilarity up at the altar when posing for photos, and we realised some guests – who were sat in the choir stalls behind us – had realised they might be in the back of the picture and had dropped to the floor! I also had the Vicar and a number of guests laughing at me when he was handing the Marriage Certificate to my husband, “because grooms have pockets but brides don’t have handbags” and I produced my gorgeous bright red handbag from behind me – oops!

    We sung our final hymn – my favourite school hymn, ‘When a Knight Won His Spurs’, accompanied by 15 children from my class and they sung beautifully – and then Bruno Mars’ Marry You started up and we positively danced down the aisle, both grinning insanely!

    The weather was beautiful and we were so lucky to get some lovely photos outside with all of our guests.

  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:12

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    Aahhhh, thats my favourite hymn from school too.....


  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:18

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    Countryside Photoshoot.

    OH and I had scheduled in some time alone for photos and to have chance to be alone. It was perfect, I recommend it to everyone! Our car drove us 2 miles down the road to another church I had found, with lovely grounds and set right in the middle of a working farm! The photographer followed, and we had 30 minutes of giggling, posing and drinking champagne, before being whisked back to the restaurant for our Wedding Breakfast. I absolutely LOVE the photos from this shoot, they are so very ‘us’ and I think capture the sheer joy we both felt. Just looking at these photos brings back the whole entire day, so please forgive a seriously flash heavy section!


  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:23

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    Fab pictures!

  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:27

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    Wedding Breakfast.

    Ah, the food! We chose our favourite local pub restaurant and had all of our favourite things they have ever served there. Very indulgent, and totally blissful! We only had our families and wedding party there, so it had a really intimate feel. There is a play park just over the road and with the weather being so perfect, children kept ending up over there with long-suffering parents! The atmosphere was just perfect, relaxed and happy, and the speeches all went without a hitch! About 20 people then headed back to my parents’ house for a brief cup of tea and to gather some energy before the evening do in the village hall!

    Dangerous cake-cutting as the fruit kept escaping! My talented sister made this cake and it was AMAZING.

  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:31

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    Loving this so far. You all looked amazing, love the style, and your red under skirt - gorgeous!!! x

  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:50

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    Evening Reception and First Dance.

    We had more guests in the evening who couldn’t come to the ceremony so we had an awful lot of meeting and greeting to do, and although not a drop of alcohol passed my lips after the bucks fizz at breakfast, it’s amazing how much I can’t remember! I talked to as many people as possible, but the evening just flies by. We had an AMAZING first dance – we are (or used to be!) dancers anyway – it’s how we met – and we used to teach it before we got ‘proper’ jobs, but I have only danced once in the last year due to the ankle injury so we didn’t manage to rehearse anything. It all just clicked though and we had a brilliant time – although I quickly realised that being spun by my husband is VERY different to spinning myself in Vivien of Holloway when is came to the major ‘Can you see my knickers?’ question that I had asked my bridesmaid 7 days earlier, so all of our guests saw my hold ups frequently and got a few Big Knickers flashes too!

    After this, OH and I again managed to sneak out to the play park at the back of the village hall with our two togs and had a blast on the see-saw, roundabout, slide (I only tackled the steps – decided my bum was too wide for the slide as it was, let alone with my massive frothy petticoat!), balance trail (in Irregular Choice shoes, I ask you!) and the swings. So much fun, we felt like giddy children again!

    More dancing, more chatting, more laughing and LOTS of cake later and it was about time for our taxi – apparently all the food was also amazing (we had a hog roast) but sadly I was way too full from lunch (and excitement I think!) to eat anything. I got changed into my evening outfit (black Sarong dress from VoH) and despite sneaking off to get changed and no formal announcement on my return, when I walked back into the hall I got a gasp – an actual gasp! I felt utterly glamorous and didn’t want to leave! Still, all good things and all that, so off we went to a gorgeous old country manor hotel. 4 years ago, when we first got together, we had a romantic getaway to this hotel and stayed in a luxury 4-poster room, so we had requested the same room this time. It did not disappoint – we had forgotten how gorgeous it was – perfect honeymoon destination!

  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:51

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!


    We stayed at this hotel for 2 nights, and our first day as a married couple was magical. We spent several hours in a spa, having full body and facial treatments, lounging in the spa, having an Indian head massage, and finally a Rasul Mud Temple which was AMAZING. In the evening, we had a stunning meal, followed by complimentary champagne on the terrace, and then the hotel staff (who knew we were on honeymoon and which room we were staying in) told us that the couple who had got married in the hotel that day were having a massive firework display.... and where was the best view? That’s right, one of our bedroom windows! So we hot-footed it up there, snuggled up in bed and watched a fabulous display. Perfect! The next day, we changed to another spa hotel, and mainly lounged around, reading, sunbathing, being pampered in the spa and eating! The next day we went to a National Trust house and had a lovely day walking around the grounds and sitting chatting by the lake and under trees. The next day, we came home and felt very spoilt when we found a massive stack of gifts! We spent the afternoon opening cards, unwrapping gifts and looking at photos on facebook. The following 6 days consisted of us landscaping our garden, which probably sounds like hard work (it was!) but actually having a block of time just to spend together in our own home has been bliss. One of the highlights was on Saturday night, having spent the day digging earth from a mound in our garden and creating a raised rose garden, sitting on our new 2-seater glider garden seat, sipping hot chocolate at 11pm under the stars, with the new rose garden illuminated by some new patio solar lights – all courtesy of our generous guests.

  • Posted: 13 Oct 2012 21:57

    Re: *** Very belated wedding report! *** Flash heavy!

    FINALLY 50s!!!!  It looks amazing!

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