Wedding on a budget

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  • Posted: 7 Apr 2019 8:04

    Wedding on a budget

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have any tips and how to keep the cost down?

    We have 2 young children so money can be tight at the best of times! 

    I have a fantastic maid of honor helping me with everything but was just wondering if anyone had any hints and tips on how to have a wonderful wedding without spending an absolute fortune?! 

    Thanks 😊

  • Posted: 9 Apr 2019 17:05

    Re: Wedding on a budget


    We get married in May and have done it without spending a fortune.

    Feeding package holiday Inn brolly price.

    Cake from Asda , wedding dress  is a sample and bridesmaids dresses from eBay.

    Room and table decorations from eBay and charity shops.

    Local taxi using their executive cars BMW and Mercedes. 

    Invites, menu and order of service we did our selves.

    Friend doing photos. 

    Willing to show you photos after the wedding of the decorations, if you want any let me know

  • Posted: 16 Apr 2019 9:11

    Re: Wedding on a budget

    That would be great, love to see some photos to give me some ideas.

    thank you and good luck on your big day xHug

  • Posted: 22 Apr 2019 21:19

    Re: Wedding on a budget

    We got married on a small budget and i diy most of it which saved a lot of money.

    shop around for things you can always find them cheeper.

    We had a village hall wedding, there was no corkage charge so I brought the booze slowly through the year when on offer.

    I got any gifts I needed in the sales over the year.

    I made all the bouquets, button holes and pew ends decorations. The bouquets with ribbon flowers and brooches.

    I bought a lot of decorations in the card shops, Poundland, wilko, hobby craft and ebay

    We made all stationary ourselves 

    My sister made all bunting

    I made all the food myself but I would not recommend this and wished I hadn't as I was exhausted 

    The briedesmaid paid for there own dresses and hair.

    I made my own wedding fruit cake but my mum paid for the official cake just in case.

    I made the favours.

    I'm not great at expecting help but you really need to, our loved ones want to be involved if the offer always take them up on it.

    Save up all loyalty points, you'll  be amazed how quickly the mount up.

    Look at wedding packages in hotels maybe on a week day

    If you have any friends or family with helpful talents as for help instead of gifts

    Look at cash backsites

    Keep the guest numbers small

    Hope some of this helps.


  • Posted: 23 Apr 2019 17:31

    Re: Wedding on a budget

    We're getting married in September and have a very small budget.

    We're having a village hall wedding and negotiated a lower price for hire

    We have asked friends/family for favours instead of gifts - aunt is doing our cake, cousin is our celebrant (having legal registry marriage separate, no-one invited), friend is growing our flowers (or some), another cousin is doing our music/PA system, and using our own Spotify list.

    My sister (who is a wedding stylist, so I'm lucky) is doing my hair, headpiece, makeup and dressing the venue!

    We made our own wedding invites (loved doing this).

    Our caterer is someone I knew to be just starting up again in the food business (so was looking for work), therefore negotiated a great per head price for food I know will be delicious.

    My dress was £85 in the ASOS sale, 2 x bridesmaid dresses £22 each (decided to not have more maids).

    Will make the bouquets myself.

    Not bothering with a car as everyone will be sat in the venue anyway! My son will bring me.

    Doing a booze run to Calais for wine!



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