Wedding on 6th and flowers a no show

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  • Posted: 3 Sep 2018 22:28

    Wedding on 6th and flowers a no show

    so, I did post a while ago saying I was having issues with the person doing my silk bouquets and button holes, she got in touch and we appeared to be on track. The flowers were due to be delivered (apparently) Wednesday last week, then Friday, then today but still nothing. I have a feeling I’ll have no flowers for the maid of honour, flower girl, myself or button holes for the groom, best man and my dad. 

    I just have no idea what to do next 

  • Posted: 4 Sep 2018 8:29

    Re: Wedding on 6th and flowers a no show


    I'm so sorry, that's awful - definitely not what you need right now! 

    Firstly drop her an email saying that as she has missed her deadlines you assume that she is no longer providing her service. Explain that you are obviously going to be busy over the next few days, but will be taking up the case with Citizens Advice and Trading Standards once your wedding is over to reclaim the money that she has taken from you along with fair compensation for stress and costs incurred.

    Then, I know this isn't what you wanted, but why not pop to the supermarket and get flowers from there - a bunch of roses you can split up to make button holes - you can pick up corsage pins from florists and craft shops to pin them on really cheaply. Pick a nice bouquet for yourself and some smaller ones for your bridesmaids.

    Take the cellophane off, leave them tied together, and wrap some ribbon around the stems, and no one will even know, I promise! It's not what you had planned, and that sucks, but it will still look lovely in your photos. 

    Good luck! X

  • Posted: 4 Sep 2018 13:32

    Re: Wedding on 6th and flowers a no show

    One of the groups I admin on Facebook is for brides who have been scammed while planning their wedding.  We get a surprising number of complaints about artificial bouquet makers.  Unfortunately, as you're being let down at such short notice it may be easier to make your own real flower bouquets using supermarket flowers.  It is easier than you'd think and there must be tutorials on youtube.


  • Posted: 4 Sep 2018 14:07

    Re: Wedding on 6th and flowers a no show

    I spoke to her yesterday, well, almost yelled at her yesterday and today at 11.30 they turned up! Huge sigh of relief, and they are beautiful. Exactly what I wanted. I did tell her I will not be paying the full remaining balance though

  • Posted: 4 Sep 2018 14:56

    Re: Wedding on 6th and flowers a no show

    Oh thank goodness for that! I'm so happy that you've got them! 

    Definitely try and get some money back if you can, however tread carefully, as whilst she clearly doesn't have great customer service or time management skills, she HAS provided the service that you booked her for.

    If I were her, I would give you a discount as a goodwill gesture, but if she refuses, I'm not sure you would have a legitimate claim. If she does agree to give you a discount or partial refund, be sure to get it in writing. 

    If she refuses to give a discount - well that's what feedback and review sites are for.

    The main thing I would say though, is try not to get so caught up in this that you lose sight of the big picture. You have your flowers and they are what you wanted - go out and have a fantastic time at your wedding! 

    Best of luck for your big day! X

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