wedding morning dilema...

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  • Posted: 29 May 2019 22:38

    wedding morning dilema...


    I have recently booked my wedding in my dream venue, I LOVE everything about it! When booking I was told I would be able to stay there the night before my wedding. So I was hoping to have a nice evening with my bridesmaids then get ready there in the morning. I was also thinking I would use the evening before to take the table decorations, seating plan etc (I was going to make these myself rather than use a company but not sure whether I would have to set up or the staff at venue do it). HOWEVER, I have just found out that they are now hosting a wedding the day before mine and there is no accomodation available for me. I was a bit gutted but totally understand that the other couple need the accomodation for their guests.

    So my dilemma...

    -Where do I stay?? At home? This would mean I will need to get ready at home and arrange transport for us all to get to the venue. OR there is a hotel very near the venue. Do I stay there and get ready there? I was thinking of asking the wedding planner if it would be possible to get into a room just before my ceremony so I could turn up with my hair and make up done but put my dress on there (check out is 10, my ceremony 12.30).

    -Will the room be ready?? If the staff don't set up I will probably just hire a package where someone will deliver and set up as I wont need the added stress! 

    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!


  • Posted: 31 May 2019 14:35

    Re: wedding morning dilema...

    I would weigh up the costs and see what works best for you.

    How far away is your venue from where you live? 

    Our venue is quite far away, so I booked an AirBnB cottage close by - this was much cheaper than a hotel, and the lady who owns the cottage actually got married at my venue herself! 

    If you book the hotel nearby, I would book a late checkout so that you can still get your hair and makeup done, and then get a car from the hotel to the wedding venue. 

    Good luck X

  • Posted: 1 Jun 2019 18:41

    Re: wedding morning dilema...

    I would speak to the venue and see if they can suggest something. It seems a bit unfair that you were told that you could stay there the night before when you booked, but now they're saying you can't. They might be able to suggest a practical alternative.

    In terms of getting a room after check out in the morning, 2.5 hours might be a bit tight - remember the hotel will need time to clean and make the room up, and that you may need to be down earlier than 12.30.

    Also speak to the venue about set up. My venue sets everything up for you, you just have to give it to them with instructions on what you want (e.g. table layouts), with a box for each table. I imagine if it's somewhere that does weddings regularly, I imagine they will do it for you.

  • Posted: 3 Jun 2019 10:00

    Re: wedding morning dilema...

    As a pro who has seen all sides...

    Your venue will be expecting you do your final preps there. It's highly unlikely they would think otherwise.

    What we often see and would recommend is to get ready as much as possible close to your venue. Never underestimate how easy it is to loose people when you have to move them from place to place and the greater the distance, the higher the chances. We then see the bride finish getting ready and into her dress as the venue.

    Once you are at the venue you can control your times better. 

  • Posted: 5 Jun 2019 23:07

    Re: wedding morning dilema...

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have spoken to the wedding planner at the venue and have been told I could get an early check in at 1pm!! So it looks like I'm going to have to get ready elsewhere and get transport to the venue. 😩

    I live about 30 min drive from the venue so I might just stay at home now that I will have the added cost of transport and decorators.

    Also...we have just been sent accomodation info for our wedding night. All rooms have been reserved snd we can tell guests to phone and book a room.

    The prices of most of the accomodation is £30 more on our wedding night than the weekend before and the weekend after our wedding, and any other dates I searched (checked prices online). Should we query this? I feel a bit like my guests are getting ripped off!

  • Posted: 6 Jun 2019 9:30

    Re: wedding morning dilema...

    I live about 30 min drive from the venue so I might just stay at home now that I will have the added cost of transport and decorators.

    As long as your house won't be too busy, I think this is a good idea. You may well sleep a little better in your own bed, and as you said, you now have additional costs to consider. If you have anything in writing from your venue that says about you having a room the night before, I would raise this with your venue - tell them you hadn't budgeted for these additional costs, and can they compensate you in anyway for the inconvenience. They probably won't pay for anything, but they might offer to decorate the venue for you, or chuck in a couple of extra bottles of bubbly! 

    The prices of most of the accommodation is £30 more on our wedding night than the weekend before and the weekend after our wedding

    I would definitely query this. Whenever I've attended a wedding at a hotel, guests have generally been given a discount, not an increase - I mean it's guaranteed money for the venue! 

    Maybe do a search of your actual wedding dates through to see if you are actually being ripped off, or if it's just a more expensive weekend - bank holiday maybe? 

    Either way, I think some convos with your venue are definitely in order, as they are making this experience much more challenging for you! 

    Good luck! X

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