Wedding location for 2 in Scotland REASONABLY PRICED :)

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  • Posted: 27 Jun 2018 10:05

    Wedding location for 2 in Scotland REASONABLY PRICED :)

    Hi everyone!

    So my fiance and I are planning to get married either next winter or spring 2020.

    We have just bought a new house and had a baby 10 months ago, so the budget is rather tight. We have agreed that it would be probably best to keep the wedding as small as possible, basically just the two of us. 

    We want nothing too fancy, not too normal either though. Ive made loads of research online already, but cant seem to find anything in our budget of £1500. Of course I have looked at Gretna Green already, but they havent convinced me a 100% yet. The budget is calculated for location, food, accomadation, flowers if possible abd photography would be a big big bonus.

    II would be really grateful if anyone knows any romantic and cheap locations ( I know that sounds like a contradiction itself haha) in Scotland. I'm German and moved here a few years ago. Most of the places I dont know and I dont really know where to start looking either.


    Thanks in advance x



  • Posted: 6 Jul 2018 8:24

    Re: Wedding location for 2 in Scotland REASONABLY PRICED :)

    As I understand it, you can get married anywhere you want in Scotland, it doesn't have to be a licensed venue, as long as you have a licensed registrar. 

    So rather than spending money booking a specific venue, why not pick a spot you like? I only really know Edinburgh, but you could do something crazy like walking to the top of Arthur's Seat and getting hitched there! Or there are beautiful spots around - maybe on the shores of Loch Ness, or there are some beautiful buildings in St Andrews that would be a gorgeous backdrop? Loch Lomond is lovely too - maybe get a boat trip out and get married on the boat? Pick a spot and book your registrar to meet you there!

    Then just go for a nice meal afterwards :) 

    Good luck! X

  • Posted: 10 Jul 2018 17:52

    Re: Wedding location for 2 in Scotland REASONABLY PRICED :)

    You say it's just the 2 of you. Surely you can get something for 2 people for £1500?! Largs registry office is in a beautiful old Victorian building right next to the sea for gorgeous photos and a lovely hotel for food nearby. Think a registry office wedding (with no guests) is under £300 so that's well within your budget.

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