Wedding buffet options - HELP!

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  • Posted: 30 Nov 2017 20:20

    Wedding buffet options - HELP!

    Myself and my fiancé are currently choosing our wedding buffet options for the evening reception. We cannot decide on the food options we should choose (as we are only aloud 6). We want something for everyone, but again, we are finding it difficult to narrow down our options whilst keeping the food cohensive (does that make senesce?). Therefore we thought we would see what things people would like to see at a wedding buffet, to give us an idea of what to include.


    So, if you were choosing your menu from the following, what 6 would you choose? Which of the following foods would you like the most if you were a wedding guest?


    •  Selection of sandwiches (choose 3):

    Ham & Mustard mayonnaise

    Beef & Horseradish

    Egg & Mayonnaise

    Cheese & Onion

    Tuna Mayonnaise

    Cream cheese & Cucumber

    •  Chicken satay with sweet chilli dipping sauce
    •  Mixed pepper bruschetta
    •  Chipolatas covered in honey & sesame seeds
    •  Potato wedges or chips
    •  Indian selection with mint raita
    • Chicken drumsticks or thighs
    • Brie crostini’s
    • Pork pies
    • Sausage rolls
    • Crudities & Dips
    • Mini savoury eggs
    • Variety of different flavour crisps
    • Mixed pepper pasta
    • Couscous
    • Selection of salads
    • Savoury rice
    • Potato salad, coleslaw & Beetroot salad
    • Quiche Lorraine
    • Selection of breads, olives & oils
    • Mini fruit tartlets
    • Gateaux or cake selection


    P.S we are having a 3 course wedding breakfast followed by peti fours for our day guests, if this makes a difference?

    We have also opted for a sweet station/buffet, so want the main buffet to be savoury. 


    Thanks in advance! 



  • Posted: 7 Dec 2017 19:09

    Re: Wedding buffet options - HELP!


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