Vow renewal

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  • Posted: 18 Jun 2020 21:44

    Vow renewal

    hi everyone. 

    I haven't been on here since we got married in August 07 but we are now planning on renewing our vows next July and i was wandering if anyone else was doing it?

    We will have been married 14 years nearly by then and we want to do it because we want our 4 children to be involved with it, they will be 11,9,5 and 1 1/2 by then Smile

    Would love any advice from anyone who has already renewed as I am not really sure what goes at a renewal?!


    Hannah x




  • Posted: 30 Jun 2020 16:53

    Re: Vow renewal

    Hi Hannah.

    I'm a Family Celebrant, and I conduct Renewal of Vows ceremonies. I'm just getting to the end of my training, but I can give you some advice as to what you might like to include in the ceremony. I would also be available to take the ceremony, should you require a celebrant to do so! ;)

    So, before I say anything, a Renewal of Vows ceremony can consist of anything you want – especially if it's led by a celebrant. You have complete flexibility! It's your day, after all. So you can have your kids reading some selected verses, or maybe even something they've written themselves about how they view your love – from their own eyes, as it were.

    Other options are things like: hand-fasting, unity candles, symbolic witness parchments, stone warming, etc. I try to ensure my clients take the lead when planning their ceremonies and essentially just cater to their requirements; most good celebrants will do the same.

    Get in touch if you want to know more!

    Good luck with any forward planning, and have a great day!


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