Underwear help!!!!!

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  • Posted: 2 Apr 2013 21:36

    Underwear help!!!!!

    I am a size 14-16 with big thighs that rub! I am lost about what to do with underwear. ATM my dress is v tight as I am determined to lose a stone before the big day. (still possible... it's in August!) so the question is... do I buy shaping underwear (just in case), but it would have to be thigh length to keep my legs from rubbing and getting sore!! Or do I buy normal underwear and buy some of those tights that stop at the knee? I don't want to wear full length tights as will make my shoes too slippy on my feet I think! What would you do? I can't be the only lady out these in this awkward position! I'm worried if I buy shaping underwear it will roll down... as tights always do on me!! As do most of my trousers!


    PS it's a strapless dress!

  • Posted: 2 Apr 2013 21:39

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    I have the exact same problem as you!  I'm getting married in a month and having my dress fittings in 2 weeks.  I still haven't managed to sort my underwear out and can't decide on the tights / those tights that stop at knees.  I am leaning towards the knee tights as they won't roll down etc and although it's not exactly attractive it will stop me worrying all day or having to go and mess about with tights all day long.  Am keen to know what everyone else thinks! 

  • Posted: 2 Apr 2013 21:56

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    If I had a stick thin figure and could get away with sexy undies I would but I'm not that lucky XD I'm wearing hold me in shorts that go from under my bust right down to mid-thigh SEXY! I'd rather look more shapely on the outside than squeeze into a dress with lumps and bumps on display. Also wanna be as comfy as I can be on the day. Can't be doing with thigh rash and vaseline rubs on my wedding day! xXx

  • Posted: 2 Apr 2013 22:06

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    I have super suck in underwear :) they go from my high waist to just above my knee.  It's always funny how they look like baby shorts - yet I still manage to squeeze into them.  Mine do tend to roll a bit at the top but it's not noticable.  Will you get VPL if you wear some 'normal' underwear then tights on top?

  • Posted: 2 Apr 2013 22:14

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    I'm totally going to be rocking the spanx!  I would go with them anyways, even if you lose the extra stone (good luck, by the way!).

  • Posted: 2 Apr 2013 23:55

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    Yep me too!  I'm wearing the super sexy ribs to thigh thingy that looks like a 2yr old would struggle to get into. Surprisingly comfy but I have no natural waistline as such so the top does roll itself down a smidgen but nothing problematic- there's literally only about 2inches max between the bottom of my ribcage and my hipbone! Rugby player physique...glorious lol! Not really carrying any excess weight as such, but want a better contour and a bum lift so I'm sticking with the magic pants. OH none to impressed mind you, hardly sexy - but what he doesn't know is that to even access said undies he's got the unfastening of a long corset to tussle with first lol! Can defo see our wedding night being a sexless one haha :0D

  • Posted: 3 Apr 2013 0:05

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    You can get bodysuits that are like long shorts with straps, you then wear a normal bra with it. Means no roll down, no chafing and great shape. Under dresses that are long enough I sometimes wear big bloomer type pants!! The are by Sloggi and are called long leg briefs I thing- basically same shape as a control short but made of cotton so breathable and stop the rub. Not sure they'd be great under a tight fitting dress though 

  • Posted: 3 Apr 2013 11:15

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    My dress is fitted until the mid-thigh then goes out (fit and flare?!).

    I think I'll probably get some hold-in underwear just incase.

    Been looking at Spanx website but you know how you get ones that sit right under your bra?

    How the hell will they work with your dress and going to the toilet?

    I imagine once my dress is on I'm not going to be able to put my hand up the top part to put these in place?

    Anyone know anywhere that does good ones but that have popper crotch or similar?



  • Posted: 3 Apr 2013 11:22

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    I've never seen any with a popper crotch, but some are crotchless Eek and some sort of have a envelope crotch - both styles I've worn with a thong underneath to stop extra vpl, then just sort of pulled it asked to pee!

  • Posted: 3 Apr 2013 11:36

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    I believe some do like a hook and eye type fastened flap to pee with! lol. Gok's I think do them... but not sure. I read somewhere that spanx do too though?

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2013 13:03

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    I've heard of something like this that simply be do I think? With a pee hole! I found it a nightmare to find something that would let me wear my own bra, with straps to stop it rolling down and with a popper crotch. Impossible. There's a gap in the market there ladies!!! :D 

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2013 13:37

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    I found them... the perfect pants! Only one problem... I can't afford friggin £74 for a pair of friggin pants!!! How ridiculous!



  • Posted: 4 Apr 2013 17:13

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!


    I found it a nightmare to find something that would let me wear my own bra, with straps to stop it rolling down and with a popper crotch. Impossible. There's a gap in the market there ladies!!! :D 

    I've got a Belvia bodysuit that I got from ASDA of all places that is exactly this. I like it because I have quite a long body and anything without straps rolls down but because it's got a opening crotch, hooks I think not poppers, I can still go to the loo! I've found the normal bodysuits flatten my boobs probably because they're not long enough in the body but with this I can wear whatever bra suits.

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2013 17:36

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    :o I bet they don't do plus sizes :( I have seen some body shapers in ASDA but the leotard type things with boobie bits and they size them in cup size. I need them to be sized in butt sizes; small, medium, large, x large, and WHOAA MAMA! << me lol :(

  • Posted: 4 Apr 2013 19:39

    Re: Underwear help!!!!!

    Bugger!!! I hadn't thought about toileting!!! Might have to wear my body shaper to my fitting then see how well my corseted dress will or won't hoik up.... Flip!! I'm normally so well planned!!! Ggrrrrr......

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