***Thursday MTTC***

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  • Posted: 12 Jul 2012 9:14

    ***Thursday MTTC***

    Morning ladies. Couldn't see anothe rpost so thought I'd kick off proceedings. 

    Sorry haven't been around much but have been mega busy at work the past few days! I haven't really had time to catch up on this weeks threads either Sad so indulge me in any news. BP - how did the appointment go? How's NL been....have her follies played ball? 

    AFM CD2! AF turned up yesterday afternoon so pleased that cycle was only 46days this month compared to last cycles 63 days! I think I can pinpoint ov looking at chart which means my LP is longer from 11 to 13 so maybe the metformin is kicking in?

    Just booked in for my HSG as well which is next Wednesday! A little apprehensive so can the ladies that have already had it done reassure me?

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2012 9:35

    Re: ***Thursday MTTC***

    Morning all, 

    Nic, have you recovered from silverstone and all the rain?! I had hsg couple of months ago. Not that bad really, just like a prolonged smear test. The nurse said I would only bleed lots if she'd done something wrong! H was more bothered we couldn't have sex in the days before! 

    AFM, I'm still in 2ww hell, convinced myself that this is our last chance at doing it without help! 

    Have a good day peeps xx

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2012 9:39

    Re: ***Thursday MTTC***

    NG - I haven't been told anything about what I should and shouldn't be doing before it! Admittedly the woman that has booked me in is new and she said the paperwork will be sent out today so assume it will all be on there.

    Ah don't be sad.....it's ok if you need a little help, there is no shame in it! Just think how special it will be when you get the BFP!!! I'm ok with requiring a little help, I'm just impatient with all the waiting!! 

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2012 9:49

    Re: ***Thursday MTTC***

    Morning ladies!

    Nic - boo to being busy, how rubbish! Glad your cycle was shorter and LP longer, hopefully these are signs of good things to come! My appt went OK, it took almost an hour which surprised me and I was ever so lucky and managed to have a smear thrown in Tongue Tied but I suppose it's one less thing to think about! H needs to do another SA, and when CD1 comes round I've got to book in for a HSG and get bloods done on CD3, and I'm also waiting for a scan. Our next appt at the hospital isn't til November though Sad so I'm really hoping sod's law kicks in before then - if not we could still be ridiculously far away from having a baby. NL went for egg collection on Monday I do believe but haven't seen her around since, really hope it went well!

    NG - hope you're keeping busy to take your mind off things! And don't worry about needing a little help, it's the end result that's important, not how you get there!

    AFM I'm working from home again but the kitchen guys aren't coming today. Our cooker hood is faulty and an engineer was supposed to be coming yesterday afternoon to fix it but didn't. Not sure if he's coming today or not though, we haven't heard anything - and until he's been and done it the kitchen fitters can't plaster over the wires and finish off. I've gotta say though, it looks AMAZING!! I Love it! I've pretty much finished my day's work now so once I've emailed it to my colleague I'm basically free all day... Might dig out a paint brush and get the base coat started! I'm so looking forward to being rid of the orange walls!! Laugh

    Have a good day all x

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2012 9:54

    Re: ***Thursday MTTC***

    Bp, November does sound a long way a way but sure it will come round quicker than you think. Aug sounded ages away after my hsg but has seemed to come by really quickly. Your kitchen sounds amazing tho! Did you decide on a paint colour in the end? I can't wait to move out of MOD housing and have our own little nest again!

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2012 10:03

    Re: ***Thursday MTTC***

    NG - I know you're right, but if we're still not lucky by November it's going to be over a year from now at least before we have a baby, that's the part that feels like an age. I thought by the time we celebrated our first anniversary we'd at least be pg, but that obviously didn't happen. Now we're not going to have a baby by our second anniversary either. I'd be OK with the waiting if I knew how long we'd be waiting, it's the not knowing that drives me crazy! Yep we got this colour

    Inspired of course by our very own Mrs Bubble Laugh we were going to get a soft lime colour but decided at the last minute it was a bit too soft and pale and we wanted something brighter. Are you limited with what you can do with MOD housing? Or is it more that it's not 'yours'? When will you be able to get your own nest?

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2012 10:14

    Re: ***Thursday MTTC***

    I know what you mean about the waiting, I thought we would have a baby by now and even be thinking about another! I've got 4 weddings in a fortnight next aug and can't even start planning if we will have a baby/be pregnant/or still just a duo!

    That colour is lovely! Nice for a kitchen. We can decorate the MOD house but have to put it back exactly the same when we leave do it seems like to much hard work! Once navy boy gets his new draft we can maybe plan on where and when to buy something again! X

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2012 13:44

    Re: ***Thursday MTTC***

    BP - wow that was long. Mine was about 30mins which I was surprised at. Went really quickly! Why bloods at CD3? I'm glad I've done all my blood tests now, I was getting fed up of sitting up the hospital every Friday morning. What scan are you getting done? I had the transvaginal one "*** cam" to confirm the PCOS. November? That does seem along time to wait! Mine was 2 months after first appt where she sorted out the blood tests, and HSG, got appt through the other day for 31st August. H is doing his sample tomorrow, so assume we'll get all the results when we go back in August.

    When do we get pics of the kitchen? I'm sure it'll be finished before my bathroom! love the colour! 

    NG - How long after the HSG did they then say we'll start you on clomid? I'm just planning in my head that if I'm not pg by 31st August at next appt what happens next.....do they say right nothing is working H's sperm is ok so here's your clomid or do we have to wait for further test etc?


  • Posted: 12 Jul 2012 13:54

    Re: ***Thursday MTTC***

    Nic, as we'd had all the tests and now hsg came back clear the nurse practitioner we see seemed to think that the next logical step would be to start clomid. That's what I'm hoping they will say/do! Will be gutted if not as my cycle is just stupidly long still! I just want a plan really and think it will help me get everything straight in my head. Know what you mean about setting dates tho! Think there is lots of scan n stuff involved with clomid to check follicles are there and not under or over stimulated x

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2012 14:12

    Re: ***Thursday MTTC***

    NG - In that case I don't think I'd bother decorating either! It's a lot of effort to have to redo it all again before you leave. Hope you can think about your own place soon then!

    Nic - I can't actually remember what the bloods are testing for. I've seen it often referred to as day 1-5 bloods but she said to try to get CD3 as it's the best day for it (?) I'm getting an ultrasound scan, I'm hoping that's not internal! The appt arrived in the post at lunchtime, it's on 25th July. Apparently the follow up appt is usually 3 months later but the consultant is going to be away, so we have to wait an extra month. Kitchen pics will probably appear when it's completely finished, unless I just can't wait that long! I've just been smoothing one of the walls so we can hopefully get the undercoat on tonight and the proper paint on tomorrow! FF is arriving tomorrow sometime so I want that corner done first so we can put it in it's rightful place!

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